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Secret Star Giveaway

Do you pick a secret star, mystery walker or secret worker? This packet is on sale for $2.40. It's one of my favorites because I do secret star, mystery walker, etc. My kids are so quiet walking to lunch and specials because they LOVE earning a secret star badge.

 This next pack is filled with 24 multicultural badges/beads. Perfect for diverse learners.

Want to win a packet of behavior beads? Leave me a comment with a new bead suggestion.

Samson's Classroom Giveaway

 I am so happy to be able to do a giveaway for a year subscription to Samson's Classroom ($80 value).  It's one of my favorite websites for learning sight words, spelling words and reading comprehension.  The giveaway will last until next Saturday. If you aren't the lucky winner then you will be so EXCITED because Samson's Classroom has agreed to provide $70 off.The promo code RMN2 (as in "Run Miss Nelson") will give you $70 off a classroom plan until September 1st.

That's only $10 for a full access account . I would totally pay even the $80 because it's that good.

click on the above image to check out the video that explains this wonderful site.

  • We love all of the portions but my favorite portion for my 1st graders is the reading passages.  The reading passages are divided up into different levels.  Students are asked to read a passage and answer comprehension questions about their reading.  If a student answers incorrectly, the program is great about highlighting the area of the passage where the answer can be found.  I like this because it forces students to go back and reread to find the correct answer.  I love that they are actually looking back in the passage to make sure their answers are correct because they want to earn "hammer swings"!  If they miss a question they earn less hammer swings. Hammer Swings are just a fun incentive at the end.  

You should try it out for a free demo lesson.
Click here!
To see the overview click here

This little boy earned a  black belt from Samson's Classroom. He LOVED earning this recognition. Samson's classroom is so wonderful to work with. They sent him a black belt, a certificate and featured him in their newsletter. 

I'm really excited about Samson's Classroom releasing a FREE iPad/Android app this October!!!   It is not an iPad version of the web-based game... it is a stand alone app that will help kids to work on their sight words.  It seems super fun!!  Follow their fb  and tell them I sent you to be entered into the giveaway. You will also get the latest info when the new app releases.

To enter the Samson's Giveaway visit their fb and "like" them. Tell them Miss Nelson sent you! Leave me a blog comment stating you left them some love and don't forget to leave your email address so I can contact you if you are lucky!
Good Luck. Winner will be announced next Saturday.


  1. I am so excited for the "tie my shoes" ones! I suggested those way back in one of your last contests! And I love glitter! I have a "Mystery Student" every day (which is like your secret star) and it's on a post it note behind a little sign on the board. I don't reveal that student until the end of the day IF they've displayed good behavior so maybe a "Mystery Student" would be a good tag for me! Then they could be given a tag along with their prize they get from me! Or instead of!


  2. So happy you like them! I'll pick a winner tonight :)

  3. I bought your Braggin Behavior Beads on TPT to use in my classroom this year. I asked if you could make Honor Roll and now you have. AWESOME! I am going to implement the secret walker this year. I also like the multicultural tags.

  4. How about one about mastering math facts.

    Crystal Shepherd
    Lamppost in a STEM classroom

  5. Is it possible to get customized tags still? I am looking to implement Christina Bainbridge's 100 Club for reading and students get to join the bronze, silver, and gold level of the club. I would love Bronze Member, Silver Member, and Gold Member with some sort of cute graphic to go with the club. And by the way, I love the secret star tag and just put them in my shopping cart! Thanks a bunch!


  6. These really are great! The only suggestion I have is if you could please make your beads in both English versions (IE Honour and Honor). Not sure if you've done this already!
    The E-Z Class Follow on Bloglovin

  7. I am implementing behavior beads fir the first time this year, and I actually thought of an idea the other day! How about a "Strategy Superstar" or "you (mustache) me what strategy I used" for a student who you catch using a specific strategy you have taught. (For example, using context clues or drawing a picture to solve a math problem)

    I actually have a second idea- "explanation Einstein" or "expert explainer"- since the common core stresses explaining your answer, a bead for the student with the best explanation on a given day.

    Hope you like one of my ideas, thanks for all the great products! :)

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  9. My school uses hundred book challenge instead of AR. I was thinking a behavior bead for when they reach 100 steps, 200 steps, etc.

  10. Sorry - that last comment was messed up because I wasn't signed in..

    I just finished printing and laminating several sets of the customized set of behaviour beads you made for me. I am thrilled every time I look at them. I also purchased and made up the basic set. I can hardly wait to start giving them out. I have a couple more ideas; how about Math Mentor or I Read 100 Books or New Reading Level.

  11. These are great! I might have missed winning but I wanted to suggest: Creative Engineer or Super Scientist or Ran with the plan! It's for the creative builders, thinkers and planners in the classroom. Thanks:)
    Kinders on the Block

  12. I would love to see some math tags for knowing addition and subtraction facts. We do timed tests and it would be great to have tags for each set the kids master (like plus ones, plus twos etc.) By the way, I love your stuff!

  13. Love the secret star and mystery walker beads. Also love the idea for kids that read 100 books, etc. since we do that too. How about one for lunch room and recess behavior?

  14. I'm late reading posts due to being busy getting ready for the start of school. I have purchased several sets of behavior beads which I am going to implement for the first time. I love them!!!! The ideas I have are All A Honor Roll, A-B Honor Roll, and Awesome Assessment.

  15. I left Samson's Classroom some love on fb :) I'm trying to decide which of your behavior beads to start with! I'd been looking for something like this last year, and wish I'd found you sooner! My school just had a "bucket filling" assembly... wonder if a "I'm a bucket filler" or a "Fill more, Dip less" tag would work?

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  17. 'Happy Helper'( new bead idea). I love your bead idea.

  18. Loving the Samson's Classroom site. My email is PATTYSUMM@aol.com.


    Great suggestions everyone. The winner of the tag giveaway is Megan Marske.
    Congrats I'll be emailing you soon.


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