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Saturday Snapshots

I hope everyone had a Happy 4th of July! It was actually sunny here in Florida so we got to enjoy the lake. Last July it rained almost every single day.

Friday was a busy day for snapping candid shots.  I don't know why everyone tries to hide from the camera. *wink wink*I guess my blog title fits me just perfectly. My family thinks I'm a little crazy especially my sisters. I know they **secretly** love it! The photography tip I have for this week is to wait patiently for a good shot. If kids or adults aren't feeling it then don't make them pose. I actually don't love posed pictures. Instead I try to capture real expressions.  With little ones I'm usually playing some sort of game to get them to smile. Red Light/ Green Light works great at getting a real smile as well as acting goofy.

Before I share my snapshots this week I want to announce the Saturday Snapshot winner for June. It was extremely difficult because all of entries were outstanding!!!This month the winner goes to Courtney at Polka Dot Lesson Plans. Her post really caught my eye. You should see all of her sweet animals. Congrats Courtney! I'll be emailing you. A new challenge starts now!

Remember to link up for the month of July. Instagram link ups work as well... use the hashtag #Saturdaysnapshots #Saturdaysnapshotswithmissnelson

This is sweet Blakely enjoying the lake

Christian loves attention

Jax loves the lake!

My sweet mom also known as Gigi

Sweet Friends

Boys will be boys

Oysters - Just not for me! I can't stand any kind of seafood

Jello Shots for the adults

Gift IDEAS cheap and easy!

I'm loving this long weekend because it has allowed me to get my craft on! I'm going to be early for Monday Made It with Tara. I'm definitely more crafty than artsy. I will say being crafty is also MESSY! On Friday night, Alison and I went to Starbucks and fueled up on caffeine which allowed us to make tons of scarves. I bribed Alison into also helping me hot glue ornaments on my mini tree.

Simple Scarves
These scarves are super easy to make. All you need is yarn and scissors. Cut various shades and fun textures and then tie a knot. Simple as can be! They make great gifts for room moms, volunteers, co-workers, and friends.


My students LOVED them too! 

Classroom Made It

For the classroom:
Thanksgiving Question Cards from Double Trouble
You can read about how we used these in our classrooms here.

Christmas Question Cards from Double Trouble 

Tomato Cage mini tree

Tomato Cage Trees
1  tomato cage wrapped in wire
Tons of hot glue!

I also met up with one of my friends to purchase some fun holiday gifts. Look how fun!!! I'm wearing the bullets and pearls now. Jessica has a fb page called Trailer Trash with some great items. Friend Trailer Trash for a chance to win some bullet jewelry. For a second chance leave a comment with your favorite Holiday go-to gift. I need some more ideas. Christmas is fast approaching.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Need some fun Hors d’Oeuvres? I helped make some for my sister's Scentsy party. I'm hoping to have a PINTEREST inspired party soon. Crafts and Food ... two of my favorite things.

Simple yet delicious recipe
Melba Toast
Mayonaise and softened Cream cheese mixture (equal parts)
Fresh Tomatoes seasoned with garlic slat and pepper
Fresh basil 

Photography Monday Made It
I needed to scout out some new locations for Christmas pictures. These guys helped me find the perfect spot ! 

I promised I wouldn't post. OOPS must have had my fingers crossed :)

How beautiful is the sky! I love the golden hour.

HAPPY SUNDAY! Off to relax on this Sunday night. 

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