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Monday Made Its

Monday already? I only have two more days of summer. I'm really sad that this is my last Monday Made It for a while. The next time I'll be linking up will be in the fall. That's one thing I am excited about... FALL. It's my favorite season. This week I got a lot of planning finished with my first grade team. We mapped out the standards for the ENTIRE year using Traci's yearly planner. All I have to say about that is.... BUY IT.
Next I finished printing and inserting my BEE Binder covers. They are free if you use BEE binders!

 Do your students ever complain when they reread a story? These fun fluency voice cards make practicing fluency FUN.

 My biggest fear on the first day of school is not getting all of the students in the right places during dismissal. If you have the same fear then you might need some transportation tags like me.
 I made these transportation tags but this time I made them easy to cut.

My printer was working overtime this week. Next, I printed these great discussion cards for all of my table groups. My students loved using them last year. I will add them to a ring for classroom discussions. We use them for all subjects but they are fabulous for MATH TALK.

Lastly. I added some clip art and changed the font for our WBT rules. You can find this freebie here. 

Thank you Tara for keeping me busy!


  1. Thank you for all of the freebie love! Teachers go back Wednesday. Perfect timing. I hope you have a great year!

  2. Um....I forgot to call you back last night...in my defense..I was busy...and so were YOU! Holy Moly I love it all. I am using those Fluency Fun Voice Cards with my kids. They will be hilarious. Maybe I can have them do a Chatterpix with it. P.S. I need those Spark Discussion Cards!!!!!!!! Come see me today...I'll be in my classroom.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. Those fluency cards are too cute! My kids will love them!

  4. Great work this week! Hmmm. Transportation cards. It's making me think! I am at a new school this year and I have no clue how the kids go back and forth. I came from a school where EVERYONE came in a car. So. Hmmm. I will ask the principal today!
    Visit me at P.J. Jots! Have a great day!

  5. Thanks for sharing these awesome freebies!


  6. Everything looks so great. You have been very busy and productive!
    Are We There Yet?

  7. Thanks for sharing the fun voice fluency cards. We love these. Kathleen
    Kidpeople Classroom

  8. I love your discussion cards! What a great idea!

    As a parent of a first grader this past year, I was terrified she wouldn't know what to do and where to go at the end of the day. So thank you for being so on top of that for all of us moms! =)

    You have been very busy this week! Good luck with back to school.

    A View Into My Classroom

  9. I love all your projects. Thanks for the voice cards. I do intervention groups and last year one group worked on decoding and fluency with a very boring program. We reread the same passage several times over the week. I wish I had used something like these to make it more fun for both the kids and me!

    My Bright Blue House


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