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Saturday Snapshots

Here are some snapshots of my week. I apologize ... I  really don't have any fabulous photography tips this week except for ... start snapping.   Did you know you can embed your instagram videos and pictures into your blog? It's super easy and very fast.  Just click on the photo or video in instagram and you will see three little dots in the right hand corner. Once you click on the dots embed is an option. I've been so busy lately with blogging, common core training, and of course watching these little pumpkins that I haven't had time to pull out my DSLR camera. My cell phone gets used on a daily basis. I'll make up for my lack of photos next week.

Made a new necklace holder...very easy to do

I'm obsessed with vinyl . Can't wait to show you some more stuff  on Monday Made It.

Thinking about taking a short trip to here... any guesses where I took this pic?

Went to my husband's 20 year High School Reunion Friday night.

Blakely modeling some new handbands I bought from Persnickety

Can't wait to revamp my buckets. You should see what I have planned actually take a look below. They will be looking very similar to the picture below. More pics coming.

Love my new Target planners.
Yum these were so yummy. Rhubarb Bars

I am participating in a Christmas in July sale with some of my favorite bloggers! Today is Day 2!
It's going to be big because I LIKE HUGE sales. Not just 20% off. I'm talking 50% or more!
I love sales so each day, I am going to offer you a deal from my TPT Store...anywhere from 50-75% off! Check back here each day July 19th-24th for the daily deal!
The deals are only one day long so hurry up to get the savings! 

Today and Today only I'm offering

Regularly $6.75
Sale Price $3.75

Do you find the time to teach kindness with all the demands of testing? When I first started teaching,

I didn't know where to begin. Luckily, I found some wonderful books that changed my classroom. I started teaching lessons on kindness but more importantly I taught kindness by example. 

I started passing out little happy notes that shared positive quotes and motivational messages. I would pass out happy notes to students who were having a rough day or just because! Motivating students with these happy notes were simple and effective. The happy notes inspired my students to be kind and spread a smile. This year students will a pass out happy notes around school. Their job will be to make the world a happier place by spreading smiles and happy notes. They will learn to pay it forward because keeping the notes will NOT help the smiles grow. How fun would it be to mail seeds of happiness and happy notes to distant family members and ask them to mail their favorite positive quotes back or better yet another classroom? Think ... Flat Stanley Pays It Forward. 

This set includes 28 happy note designs. I recommend printing on cardstock for durability. You could even laminate.

Scatter Seeds of Kindness and Happiness!

Regularly $5
Sale Price $2.50


This packet was created as an ongoing project designed for students to complete themselves or with the help of a teacher or classroom volunteer. It is a wonderful way to provide students with a yearbook or portfolio of their work . While many of the activities are geared towards K-3 the activities can be modified for just about any child or grade level. Basically each month students will document their journey as a learner. I like to have a volunteer call back three students at a time. If I was short with time I would do it whole group. The main goal of this project is creativity and documenting their learning memories.
Students may write notes, draw pictures, add color, add stickers, etc. You may also add real photographs in the space provided. I like to document their journey with photographs matted on scrapbook paper.

Students will answer fill in the blank and open-ended questions on topics such as: All About Me, The First Day, A Favorites page, Best field trip, Favorite Special, Best Memory, Lunch, Recess, Friends, When I grow up, Holidays, Events such as 100th day, MLK. Jr, Seasons, and more! You may use parts of this packet or the entire packet. 
Have questions? email me at missnelsonattpt@yahoo.com before you purchase

For more ideas visit www.missnelonsgotthecamera.blogspot.com


  1. Do they make those headbands in big kids aka adults? I likey! I need to go to Target tomorrow to check out their planners. I have such a hard time using Google Calendar. If I don't write something down it won't get completed!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. I just bought my daughters and I headbands similar to those {not quite as big for the older girls} that tie in the back under their hair. We have a store called the Bow Shop and I was buying all their back to school bows and picked up the headbands for them as well. They call them Vintage Wraps. But it a head wrap that has small flower sewn on it. So cute!!! I also wanted to ask you where did you get the white baskets that are hanging off of your group tables?? They look like they could come in handy. Yes, I do pass out sweet notes to the kids {not everyday} but when I notice something great that they are doing. These are really cute note cards you made. Thanks for sharing.


  3. I think when I have kids one day, God is only going to allow me to have boys. I just know it. I was THE girliest girl growing up and still got it in me :) LOVE that you dress up your sweet baby doll - she's beautiful!

    The Sweetest Thing
    Follow me on Bloglovin'!

  4. I love the bows and your niece is adorable. I need some of them for my little bald grand babies. Are the flowers made from cotton fabric? I am heading to check out the little notes, so cute.

    The First Grade Princess

  5. I am going to make a necklace holder this week. i'm tired of mine just lying on the dresser. Great idea thanks!

  6. That baby can't get much cuter! What a perfect little model she is!

    Life in Room 24

  7. Your daughter is adorable! I love baby girls in big bows and headbands. I finally organized my jewelry this week too. It's so much easier to find what I want to wear.
    The Traveling Teacher

  8. Blakely gets me every time; she is such a cutie patootie and that headband is just adorable! I'm curious about those table buckets!!

    Primarily Speaking

  9. It was my high school reunion this weekend too! LOL!

  10. Oh MY! Your daughter is absolutely precious! That headband looks so cute on her! I am so curious about those buckets.. where did you get those amazing things?!

    Thanks for sharing and hosting :)


  11. ALWAYS enjoy your snaps.... Ooooh that baby! Just wanna kiss that face! I'm anxious to hear more about those buckets... you've piqued my curiousity.

  12. Love the headband - so cute!

    Thanks for the tip about transferring the IG photos - didn't know that.

    We had a rhubarb dessert at our book club meeting this week, too. YUM!

    Learning in the Little Apple

  13. Love the photo of your daughter in the headband! What a cutie!! I also love those buckets! Can't wait to hear more about them and where you purchased the buckets from. Thanks so much for your Christmas in July sale. I've been snagging those awesome deals. So cute!


  14. Love your new bucket design! Your daughter is so cute! I miss mine being that little! They grow up so fast!


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