Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday Made It

I'm pretty sure this is my last Monday Made It before I have to start getting in school mode. It's been a fun but fast summer. We're going to Montana and Los Angeles for 10 days so I'll be missing the last Monday Made Its before the 2014-2015 school year begins.  Thanks Tara for hosting my favorite linky party of all times :)  I've had fun making new items for my class this summer.

I had so much fun making a ribbon wreath that I just couldn't stop. I also made one for Halloween which happens to be one of my favorite holidays.

Directions : Buy a Styrofoam wreath, cute ribbon, and straight pins. Use a solid color ribbon to wrap around your wreath and then cut your ribbon into about 2 to 3 inch strips. Then you create a loop and stick them to the wreath with the push pins. 

My next Monday Made It was a tpt product that I've been dying to make.  I don't know about you but the students in my class LOVE cheers. We do Kagan cheers, Dr. Jean cheers and now Becca's classroom cheers from Foxwell Forest.

 Each cheer is adorable. There are 24 cheers in all. I know the benefits of classroom praises and cheers so I just can't wait to start these!

Does this even count for a Monday Made It? I sure hope so because its simple yet effective. I love how easy it is to add border and a flower to an empty spaghetti glass jar.  

I made these free learning scales last year but used them horizontally across a white board. This year I'm going to try using either clothespins or sticky notes.  I also made some other styles for classes that don't have a bee theme. 

Last but not least I read a cute blog and found this awesome reflection idea Mrs. Harris at a Classy Collaboration .  These reflection baskets will serve as great visual reminders for students to become more self-reflective and accountable for their individual learning.  Read her blog post to see how she will incorporate the self reflection into her classroom. I know I will be spending a lot of time at the beginning of the year discussing learning goals and progression scales. I actually have a two day inservice next week on this HOT topic. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful week. 


Saturday, July 19, 2014

Saturday Snapshots

I'm really starting to get sad that summer is almost over. I've really enjoyed taking pictures this summer of loved ones and friends. I had so much fun shooting this colorful beach wedding on Tuesday. I hope you will join me this week by linking up some of your favorite moments from this summer. It's always fun for me to see other snapshots.

My favorite part of taking pictures is the interaction with the families. I enjoy just hanging out with them for an hour. It's so much fun! I LOVE capturing the little moments. I do not pose them that much. All of these children were absolutely precious.

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday Made It- Freebie

Another Monday has arrived which means it's that much closer to the start of school. I'm starting to get concerned at all the curriculum planning I've yet to accomplish. However, I do have some fun Monday Made Its to show for my summer vacation. Thanks Tara for keeping me on track with my crafting.  I also need to thank Alison for making me start early this week. This week I made some fun things that I hope to use often. 

Do you love clothespins? I use clothespins for all sorts of things so when I scored these black ones from Michael's I was thrilled. My bulletin boards, AR tracker, Transportation display, and walls will be much cuter now. Did you know you can hot glue these bad boys to cement blocks? I made this faux bulletin board with wrapping paper and clothespins. I even hot glue clothespins to cabinets, doors, and furniture. 

Michael's purchase: clothespins and embellishments

 My next project will be used for positive reinforcement. I am planning on passing out these little cards when I see students being good listeners, good helpers, and many other occasions.
Would you like these free caught beeing _______ cards? Just click here to download

Cooper was awarded a caught beeing a hearty eater. That little stinker eats everything. If you follow me on Instagram then you've probably seen his little incidents. I plan on drawing for some sort of surprise once a month. I think I could use these for all sorts of things.
Being kind
Being respectful
Being a good reader
Being a good friend
Being prepared for class
Being positive 

 I love using bulletin board borders wrapped around buckets and jars

These miniature canvases were on sale at Michael's last week so I picked them up. I just love this bee clip art by Erin Bradley so I glued them on the canvas. I used a paint pen to write the words.

I've been wanting to create a place to hang student pictures each month. I lucked out when I found the perfect frames from Pier 1. They hold 9 photographs each and I usually have 18 students. In Florida, first grade has a cap at 18 students.  I hope it stays this way because I plan to switch the pictures monthly. 

My last project was back to school postcards to send out to new students. Our school usually orders postcards but they are generic. I like to type my classroom website and other things that are unique to my classroom. 
I found these images from my favorite new place Dollar Photo Club . Their images are amazing and only $1.  You can sign up for $10 a month for 10 images and cancel anytime. I love their images so much that I signed up for 99 images. I'll be using them for marketing for my husband's stores and some new tpt products. Their photos are simply stunning. Best part they are only $1.

I ordered them from vistaprint with a great coupon 

Winner of 3 sets of behavior beads- Aris from Sailing Into Second