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Teacher's Gonna Snap- Elf Edition

Our elf is arriving today! I'm so excited and I know the children will be too. Instead of doing a November Teacher's Gonna Snap linky party this one will be focused on Elf shots. Get as creative as you wish! There are tons of ideas here or get those juices flowing. I can't wait to see all of the pictures. They do not have to be just of the classroom elves. Any elf will do!

Here is your Elf Freebie! Our elf will be leaving these brag tags.

Be sure to link up early!  You can always add more pictures to your original post! There will be lots of chances to win prizes for linking up to the Elf Edition linky party. You may just snag you a little gift for having fun. I'll be back to post some more pictures!

4 winners total:
$25 to Amazon  or TPT( 1 winner)
$25 to Carrabbas/Bonefish/Outback (1 winner)
Elf  (1 winner)
 Camera Strap (1 winner)

Just found another party over at the Seusstastic blog! Why not link up to both? 

Winner Winner !

Thanks for entering the $25 gift certificate giveaway.

Diane R is the winner! Please email me sometime this week.

I WANT new lenses, photography props, and camera accessories from Santa.
I NEED more ink for my printer. I go through way too much ink.
I hope everyone has a wonderful week back.

Waiting on Santa!

$25 Giveaway for something you WANT/NEED

When we return from Thanksgiving Break we will be spending some time learning about wants and needs. I absolutely love this time. It's just perfect for the holiday season.We usually watch some Discovery Ed. videos, read books like If I Give a Mouse a Cookie and hold a Holiday Market for our parents to come shopping. For a complete list of appropriate read alouds click here.  I also use this week to complete my Wants and Needs booklet. It covers consumers, producers, wants/needs, and goods/services. After completing the wants/needs packet, we then brainstorm what goods we can make or what services we can provide. Our grade organizes a market for our parents to come shopping. You could also do it for your class, grade or whole school. We spend time making our goods and advertising our market. Last year my students had so much fun recording commercials and making our goods. You can let the parents do all the shopping or you can give students fake money. This year I'm even planning on a barter day where my students can trade items brought in from home. Has anyone done something like this? I'd love to know.

Here are some goods we've sold in the past:
chocolate dipped pretzels
chocolate dipped spoons
wrapping paper (butcher paper stamped with stamps)
oobleck- Grinch Slime
hot chocolate

Most items are around $1. This way the students don't  have worry too much about change. You can invite parents, teachers, other students or have it just within your class.Last year my class raised over $300. We donated the money to a local charity. There are so many different twists you can do with Market! 

Here is a cute booklet on tpt that covers wants, needs, goods, services, consumers, producers and income. 

Do you want to win $25 to MPM supplies to buy something you WANT? You will also win this packet.You have three chances to enter.
1. Tell me something you WANT for Christmas.
2. Tell me something you NEED for your classroom.
3. Pin this packet and leave a comment saying you did.

I'll announce the winner Sunday afternoon so check back! 

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving
I am thankful for each of you; for your support, friendship, encouragement and talent. I wish you all a fun, safe and memorable day with family and friends! THANK YOU!!
Don't forget to break out your cameras. Embrace the camera and MAKE sure you are in pictures too!

Thank you 3AM Teacher for the precious button and hosting this linky


Congrats Beth Ann and Molly are the lucky winners to the Teacher's Gonna Snap linky party! Please email me at missnelsonattpt@yahoo.com.

Today was an awesome day because we went on our second field trip! We managed to tackle the Mosquito Plant, Fire Station, Police Station, City Hall and the park. Here are some pictures of our day.

The Busy Teacher's Best Friend Giveaway

I'm in LOVE! I just purchased two copies of The Busy Teacher's Best Friend-Thanksgiving Edition packet by Queen of the First Grade Jungle. Wow that's a mouthful :) It is super cute and I can't wait to give one copy away. You will LOVE this packet. It's perfect for K-4 because Katie gave multiple options for differentiation  I printed today and now I'm ready for the rest of this week. I'm loving the math centers. My students are struggling with fact families and this packet has it covered. I also love the cute writing paper and literacy station ideas. The paper is so cute that I'm even going to use all year long.
For a chance to win a copy please guess my favorite Thanksgiving side dish. First correct guess will take home this packet TONIGHT :)

Start guessing!
Clue- It starts with a C. I hope I'm not the only one that has these as a side dish. 
Winner-Mrs. Reinartz
It was Chicken and Dumplings :)

BTW- It's on sale right now!

Stuffed with thankful thoughts

1. I'm thankful for LIFE
2. I'm thankful for my friends and family
3. I'm thankful for my job
4. I'm thankful for technology
5. I'm thankful for TPT
6.I'm thankful for the beach
7. I'm thankful for holidays
8. I'm thankful for memories
9. I'm thankful for my niece and nephew
10. I'm thankful for you!

What are you thankful for?
Link up here with a year of many "firsts"!

Teaching Tips

I just love finding new teacher tips so I'm linking up with Hadar at Miss Kindergarten to share a few. One of my most favorite teaching tips is to make small class lists to have on hand. At the beginning of the year, I always make multiple class lists. I have done this for years. I type in a small font so I can fit about 4 lists per page and then I make a billion copies. This is great for checklists, grades, and to make sure forms are turned in. I am always highlighting a majority of my class. The same four students are always missing forms and assignments but at least with these lists I can know exactly who needs a 2nd copy. 

 Let’s talk organization. Naturally, I’m not a super organized person but I learned quickly as a teacher you kinda need to be organized. Thanks many years of teaching, I’ve found some simple organization tips that have really helped me through the years. Let’s start with some of my MUST have supplies- Binders, Page Protectors, and Packing Tape.

Binders- They are great for organizing teaching units, lesson plans, and more. This year I have filled 4 huge binders with all of my favorite tpt/blog worksheets. Before this system, I had papers stuffed in filing cabinets and folders. It was one huge mess!  I am such a visual person so this system has been wonderful for me. Binders are not only a great way for teachers to stay organized but my students love them too! Each student has their own BEE binder. It keeps them so organized. To check out more on how I organize my BEE binders, click here.

Packing Tape- Have you seen this cute pin? I use so much packing tape. The best tip is to use packing tape for your Books on CD. I use packing tape to store all of my CDs for the Listening Station. Instead of using ziplock bags, you can tape the CD cover directly inside of the book. I usually tape it where the slot is facing up to prevent the CD from sliding out.

Page Protectors-They work wonders. The possibilities are endless and did you know you can still make copies even if the originals are in page protectors? I love page protectors as little cheat sheet necklaces. Here is a cute alphabet one. They are great for wearable signs and posters. My students love to be "green" by using them in my word work station with dry erase markers. You can also cut them and make them any size!

What are your teaching tips? I'd love to know!

Miss Nelson has been MISSING.. Find out why?

This past week was a whirlwind. We had Santa pictures at school, a visit with a CUBS pitcher, two visits with the Mosquito lady for Science Experiments, and a day with a veteran. We had so much fun learning from these meaningful real life learning experiences. On Thursday, we are going to the Mosquito Plant, City Hall, Fire Station and Police Station. We will be busy once again. I would love to see all of the fun things happening in your classrooms. If you haven't linked up to my Teacher's Gonna Snap photo linky party please do! You could just link a previous post that had pictures. 

I'm off to work our Junior League's Santa Pictures. I've been doing this since Thursday. Then I'm home to try and complete an insane packet for winning Teacher of the Year. Just curious do you all have teacher accountability  If so, do you use the Danielson Model or a Value Added Model? What are your thoughts on teacher evaluations and accountability? 

November Currently

I am linking up with the Farley from Oh' Boy 4th Grade and you should too! Before we know it, we'll be doing our December currently. The year is just flying by!