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Teachers Pay Teachers

This weekend gave me a chance to play around with teachers pay teachers. I've created some spelling and word work packets and a few others for teachers pay teachers. I have taken the best 24 hands on activities and created tasks cards and recording sheets for spelling and word work. I hope they are useful in other teacher's classrooms. I know my kids love them. I would like to have my first giveaway. I will be giving away any 2 units from my tpt store along with a $25 Target gift card. All you will need to do is like my fb page and become a follower of my tpt store. Don't forget to leave one comment saying you followed my tpt store and fb page.

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  1. I'm a new follower! I follow your TpT store, blog, FB page :)

    ❤ Mor Zrihen from...
    A Teacher's Treasure
    Teaching Treasures Shop

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    1. I can't type. :)

      I'm a new follower! Welcome to the blogging world!

      I also follow your TpT store and your FB page.

      Abby @ Third Grade Bookworm

  3. I am a new follower of your blog and of your TPT store, too! =)
    First Grade Blue SKies

  4. Hi! I'm a new follower of your blog, your TpT store, and I friended you on FB.
    ☺ Tanya
    First Grade is Fantabulous!

  5. I follow (friended) you on FB!
    First Grade Blue SKies

  6. Jennifer sent me over! I'm following your FB page and TpT store now. And your blog too :)

    Miss Kindergarten
    My Fabulous Finds

  7. I friended you on FB, followed your TPT store and following your blog. :)
    Conversations in Literacy

  8. Hi! I now follow you on FB and your TPT Store!

    Thanks for having a giveaway I love them so much!


  9. Friend request sent, TPT Followed, Blog followed
    Julie Levine
    Julie's Teaching Journeys

  10. I follow your TPT store and your blog, I was not sure how to follow you on Facebook? It was not a page or I would have liked it!


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