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Winner...and more!

Thank you for following this new blog. The Target gift card winner is Kimberly Santana. But don't worry, I just love giveaways so when I hit 100 followers I'm giving away a custom rubber stamp. I have three for my class and use them all the time. All my classroom books are stamped and it comes in handy! Fortunately, when a student leaves one on the bus or lying around campus, I can spot them! Here is a sample of one you can choose.

This month has been all kinds of CRAZY! We have been on three field trips, had two picture days, an art show, school musical, Book Fair, Read-A-Thon Day, Science Fair and I'm probably forgetting some other events that threw off the structure/routine of the day. Just wondering how many field trips do you go on and what cool places? At our school some great places are off limits because other grade levels have claimed them.
At the beginning of the month we saw the play SkippyJon Jones. It was wonderful. I just found this cute little writing over at Lesson Plan Diva
I'm off to celebrate my birthday today! All of my items in my TPT store will be set at $1.00 until 5:00 p.m. 
Hope everyone has a relaxing weekend and if you're on Spring Break-- I'm super jealous!

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  1. This made my day! Happy Birthday! :)



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