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Hope everyone is getting into routines.  We are at 20 minutes of read to self and 15 minutes of work on writing. 

 I love online subscriptions as well as free sites, the only problem is all of the different usernames and passwords. I try to only introduce the really great ones. I do not want to overwhelm the kids or the parents so I waited to introduce this new site and boy I shouldn't have waited so long.

 Here are some we use.
Ticket to Read
Spelling City (premium)

IXL math
Coolmath games.

Today I'm going to tell you about a new one to me. It's called Samson's Classroom. I was lucky enough to win a year subscription but don't worry I've seen great deals all over. I will ask and see if Samson's Classroom could do another deal for my awesome readers or maybe even a giveaway.

Samson's Classroom
The kids absolutely LOVE it. It has three parts. 

We played it on the smartboard and they were highly engaged the entire time. I like how you can use their words or you can add your own spelling words.  I love how there are 3 different games for the spelling words. When a child enters the wrong answer, the program is formatted to give the child extra support. 

My favorite portion is the reading passages.  It would work great towards the end of first grade. My second graders are loving this portion. The reading passages are divided up into different levels.  Students are asked to read a passage and answer comprehension questions about their reading.  If a student answers incorrectly, the program is great about highlighting the area of the passage where the answer can be found.  I like this because it forces students to go back and reread to find the correct answer.  I love that they are actually looking back in the passage to make sure their answers are correct because they want to earn "hammer swings"!  If they miss a question they earn less hammer swings. Hammer Swings are just a fun incentive at the end.  

You should try it out for a free demo lesson.
Click here!

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  1. I'm kind of confused on the scootpad, but I think it's because I'm in TX and we don't use Common Core, we have TEKS we have to teach (sometimes they are similar, but reading is different than lang arts). I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Samson's Classroom. I can't find any promo codes for the classroom or grade level set. If I could get the grade level for the classroom price, I could have each child bring in $1 and then my team members or the PTA would make up the extra. That would be AWESOME. Please let me know if you can get a discount.



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