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Open House Freebie and GIVEAWAY

Our Open House is tonight. It seems as though we just started!!! We’ve had just enough time to complete some writing prompts, make a couple class books and get crafty. Open House can be a little hectic and chaotic unless you have a plan. This year I’m continuing my tradition of a little scavenger hunt around our classroom. I even lead the families to other important areas of our school. (Library, gym, art, music, and the lunchroom)

 One little task that I love having the parents complete is viewing the Welcome Back PowerPoint. I also email the powerpoint and link it our website for parents who were unable to attend. This Welcome Back PowerPoint makes it easier to relay my classroom expectations and procedures to the families. It presents parents with classroom expectations, grading policies, home connection, homework, special events, etc. I’m putting it on sale for $2 until Sunday if you’re in the market for a cute powerpoint.

I also love having little treats for the students and parents. Who doesn't love little gifts?
This year I’m really focusing on the student’s attitude and willingness to learn. I’ve been telling my students “You can’t be a smart cookie, with a crummy attitude.” I attached a chocolate chip cookie to this label. It’s a free download along with the apple poem.

While at Open House, I make sure all parents are signed up for Remind 101. If you still haven’t checked out this awesome tool, I highly suggest it.The last station is an estimation jar. The families make an educated guess together.  The following day we count the items and I send home a prize to the family that was the closest. 


  1. How cute and clever you are ;) Question: is your power point able to be edited or is it generic enough for any classroom? I have to make one for our Open House next week and I'm draggin my feet!!

    The Learning Tree

  2. For Open House, all the work the students have done is displayed. The parents/guardians and I go over the newsletter. When I go to Open House at my son's school, they do a Scavenger Hunt. Would like to try that next year.


  3. I love having the children trace themselves and color in their face and clothes and put them at the desks and have the parents try and guess which one is their child.

    Thanks for the cookie labels! They are too precious!

    Pixy Stix and Teacher Tricks

  4. I just got offered a job yesterday, and won't be able to start setting room until tomorrow. My class will be pulled from overcrowded classes in my grade level. Our Open House is Tuesday which will be my first day with the kids. Survival is my plan for Open House. :)

  5. Ours is a bit different, since it is for adults only! SO I get the pleasure of talking to the parents for an hour. I try to keep it from being overwhelming, so I throw in some funny school-related cartoons while I am telling them what NOT to do at home!

    tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

  6. I love your powerpoint template! My Curriculum Night is next week. I might need to revamp my powerpoint!


  7. For Open House I do a couple things-probably have heard of them but I will share just in case. I do an estimation jar and the students enter how many pieces of gum are in the jar and I also have a raffle so the kids who come can enter that. The next school day we find out the winners. We count the gum and the one who has the closest estimate wins and then I pull a name from the raffle box to win a prize. Another thing I do is have a class scavenger hunt so the students can share what we do in the room during school. when they complete the hunt, they turn it in and they get a goodie bag of stuff for coming! Thanks!


  8. We don't have an Open House any more, but we have a Curriculum Night before school starts. I let my kids do a Scavenger Hunt/Find around the room. I like to be free so I can speak to everyone.

    Elizabeth L.
    The First Grade Jungle Room

  9. What a great idea! Our open house is next week. We are playing our math games this time.

    Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher

  10. Ours is a Curriculum Night for parents only. This year I was hoping to show a few Common Core Assessments so they know what to expect, and a treat for coming, of course!


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