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Wow! March is here. I'm linking up with Farley for her famous currently linky. The month of February flew by. I am currently trying to figure out how to use my new computers. I made the switch to MACs but have not had the chance to sit down and figure out all of the neat features. I haven't been able to create freebies and items because I need to find all of my files. I miss my DELL only because I was comfortable with the operating system and locating all of my files. Now my files, fonts, pictures, etc are not at my fingertips. I guess I have a major job this summer. 

I can't wait til Spring Break and April because the whole family is going to Disney World. My two sisters and parents will be renting a villa on Disney property. I can't wait to see how excited my niece and nephew are at Magic Kingdom. I went in February and got a great 4 day hopper pass for under $125. It pays to live in Florida. 

Like- Mexican Food- Margaritas and Queso YUM!
Love- Massages especially facials
Hate- misfeeds in the printer and copy machine 
Is it just me or does your school copier get paper jams?

Have a wonderful week! I've missed everyone! I'll be back later to share 5 random pictures.


  1. Checking in from March Currently!! Mexican food is my favorite too!! I am excited for Spring Break! Enjoy your time in Disney!

    All Things Teachery

  2. Our school copier ALWAYS has misfeeds! It drives me crazy too. It always seems to happen when I'm the most stressed for time. That's so exciting about your upcoming Disney trip... have fun!!!

    Simply Second

  3. I love the name of your blog! That's me. Camera in hand, documenting life in the classroom. I put together a presentation with all the pictures that we show during our fifth grade promotion celebration. It's always a tear jerker with the parents and it makes the kids smile. You'll learn to love your Macs! Just give it time. Change is good. It keeps us on our toes.

  4. So jealous of your trip to Disney World! As a child, my family went every year and I haven't been there in over 10 years. If my school were to ever decide on having a spring break that would at the top of my wish list! I love your like, love and hate. I am a huge fan of Mexican foods and drinks! I had an amazing massage yesterday which was heavenly and our copy machine at school breaks on a daily basis. We have joked that the maintenance man should be hired from our school. He is there WAY too often!


  5. I am so ready for Spring Break! The students and I both need a break!

    ~Diving Into Learning

  6. Disney World...how fun! I am jealous! My little one would love it!

  7. Your Disney trip sounds so exciting! I can't wait to head there with my little girl once she gets a bit older- it's such a wonderful place :) LOVE your 3 M words- I totally agree on all counts. Hubs and I went out for Mexican last night and the marg tasted like summertime- I was in heaven ;)

    3rd Grade Thoughts


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