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Digit Duel

Do you assess math fluency? If so.... is it timed? It's always a hot conversation amongst teachers. One thing for sure the older teachers at our school tell us that our students need to be more fluent in math facts. Well to increase their math facts I've been using Digit Duel and Digit Duel Subtraction. The students just LOVE this game and beg to play.

Students love dueling math facts on ipads but I wanted to try it without electronics . Digit Duel and Digit Duel Subtraction is a fun and exciting way for children to learn addition and subtraction facts. My kids like to play if finished with math stations early. They stack cards in the middle and take turns flipping over the cards. The student who answers the fact first keeps the card. If there is a tie I tell my students to play rock paper scissors to see who keeps the card. Winner of the game is the player with the most cards.

I also like to play whole group when we have a couple of minutes to spare. I sit half of the students facing the other half. Basically I have two rows of 9 and the math partners are face to face. I have a side A and a side B. We see which side can earn the most math fact cards. I put around 6-8 cards in the middle of each set of two students. When I say DUEL students duel. Once all cards are used, we stop and count the cards for team A. Next we count the cards for team B. We add up the scores and keep a tally.  Next we pass the stack once to the left and continue to play. Sometimes we say whichever side has the most points lines up first or something simple like that!

Digit Duel Cards cover addition facts- Making Ten, Doubles, Near Doubles, Identity Property of Addition, Associative Property, Commutative Property, Adding Three Addends, etc.

Digit Duel Subtraction Cards have 23 pages of subtraction problems.

I'm working on  multiplication and division. You will see them in my shop soon. 

Digit Duel is on sale for $1.50.


  1. Our district just started using Fast Math to help with math fluency - it's a computer program with built in assessments and games... we'll see how it goes!! Would love to try this also - it sounds engaging!

  2. We play a lot of games (Around the World, Addition War, Trash, Go Fish) and we also use addition ladders daily as a warm up. We've also been using different apps on Ipads. Love your card game!


  3. We have a computer program called Math Facts in a Flash (goes along with the AR program). My students also love any game that involves dice and/or cards. Can't wait to see the new sets you are making with multiplication and division! Third grade can't get enough practice with those!

    1. Thanks for the tip. I want to check it out.Mine love anything with dice and cards as well

  4. Last year I really focused on teaching the why behind the how. I wanted the students to be able to tell me the rule behind plus zero, plus one, etc....we used ten frames to learn doubles, we used poems, raps and songs. While it might just be the group, it was the best year yet

    1. It is so important that the students have the strategies. We spent two weeks on doubles and near doubles. We have now learned all the addition strategies. Working on subtraction strategies now.

  5. We use One Minute Math worksheets. The kids love to practice with the sheets in plastic page protectors and dry erase markets. Anything is more fun with dry erase! Your game looks super fun.

    The Resourceful Apple

    1. Yes dry erase is so engaging for them! thanks for the tip

  6. These are AWESOME! I will definitely need to come check this out. Maybe we could have a firstie and fifthie duel? Firsties would probably win with addition...no lie!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  7. This is so fun! We do Rocket Math daily and occasionally I break out the Brain Math that I purchased from Cynthia Vautrot. We also play games like addition top it and practice with flashcards in photo books.

  8. Love the Duel. I have a timed facts drill on the iPad and we play several games with cards and dice. Sometimes parents come in and use flashcards with students.

  9. This is such a cute game. In my class I have a computer program called Compass learning wher students get on and practice math facts. I also do flashcards. I'd love to win this pack! :)
    -Lovely Nina

  10. another fun way to practice math facts! They can never practice enough. Just added them to my cart!
    Teaching with Giggles

  11. Looks like fun! I'm with you, flashcards seem to do the trick!

  12. What a great idea! We use a program on the computer called Fast Math. The kids seem to be motivated by it!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  13. My kids love to play target practice. Children work in groups of three (one person is the teacher and the other two are the students). We have a target number (6-12). The "teacher" rolls the die and the "students" race to say what number you add to the number rolled to make the target number. For example if the target number is 10 and the number rolled is 6 then the "students" race to be the first one to say 4. The person that gets the answer correct then takes over as the teacher. They LOVE playing target practice!

  14. I've been using Xtramath.org this year. Have noticed a huge improvement in fact fluency. Genius and free. Love this too though, the kids love playing these games during center. Anything that makes learning fun is great to me!

  15. This year my teacher evaulation is based on my students' perfomrance and growth on math fluency. No pressure here.LOL. I have been using, flashcards, xtramath.org, 5 minute timed test. This activitiy is great and wonderful idea. Would love to try all of them in my class.


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  17. OMG! I am in love with your blog!! Your ideas, your photos, your lime green quarter foil background!! I love it all! My firsties would be all over the digit duel game! I am new to the blog world and am definitely adding your blog to my list to follow! KinderCoaster

  18. I love the idea of Digit Duel. It would be great to practice multiplication facts for my students in grades three and four. When will we see this in your store? Can't wait!


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