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Busy Little Bees

This week was a busy week of Social Studies and Science. We wrapped up our Matter Unit with the Science Guy. The kids had so much fun making oobleck, experimenting with sinking and floating, making density bags and learning about Matter. They also loved playing the game Solid, Liquid, Gas.

We also started our unit on Wants/Needs and Goods/Services. This is my ALL TIME FAVORITE unit to teach. I usually follow along with our Social Studies book but also include this Wants and Needs packet.  The packet covers all of the terms dealing with economics but it's definitely kid friendly. My first graders LOVE it!!! At the end of the unit, First Grade puts on a Holiday Market. We set up shop and sell "goods" usually in our cafeteria. The students have so much fun producing their goods. We have already brainstormed a class store name and even started making our goods. The parents are so supportive and love participating in this event. Students and parents come shopping. Usually items are $1-$3.

Here are some goods we've sold in the past:
chocolate dipped pretzels
chocolate dipped spoons
wrapping paper (butcher paper stamped with stamps)
Grinch slime
hot chocolate

Most items are around $1. This way the students don't  have worry too much about change. We do it as a grade level but you could easily do it as a class. You can invite parents, teachers, other students or have it just within your class.

We usually plan about a week getting organized, producing our product, and marketing our store. I show my students videos about starting a business. Our library has a great selection. We also market our store by hanging up advertisements around campus to drum up business. In the years past, we have  raised as much as $300. We usually donate the money to a local charity. One year we sponsored a goat from the heifer foundation. There are so many different twists you can do with Market! If you need any advice or ideas please leave a comment or shoot me an email at missnelsonattpt@yahoo.com. 

This is my economics booklet on tpt that covers wants, needs, goods, services, consumers, producers and income. 

Making some art to sell! You should have heard them discussing their prices. 

Cheese balls in a Mason Jar. 

Clay Pots- Michaels 

Half-Off ornaments Hobby Lobby
Bean Bag Filler
Paint Pens
Pom Poms

Making lumps of love

Tonight starts my 9 day vacation. I'm off the entire week for Thanksgiving Break. We are headed to North Carolina. I hope everyone has a nice time Thanksgiving with family and friends. Be sure to check back as I am planning a fun giveaway this week :)


  1. Let me be the first... YOU'RE DA BOMB! I love your consumer and producer ideas!
    Have a safe trip and give me a shout when you get back. We need to compare Option C notes! :)

  2. My kids had a blast making density bags. I made a really cute My Create video of them in the Science Lab. I'll have to show it to you when I get back. Are y'all sure you don't want to come out here instead of going to NC??? Just so you know...I want and need all of your snowmen crafts....they are going to be a huge hit!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. Wow! What an amazing experience for your kiddos and their families! Enjoy your break- you deserve it!!!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  4. All of your crafts are super cute! Have a great vacation. We only get Thurs and Fri off...Jealous!
    Teaching with Giggles


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