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Polymer Clay

We have a new obsession in our classroom. It's making ornaments and jewelry out of polymer clay. The kids have been making "goods" to sell for Market Days and thumbprint necklaces for presents. 

I've had a couple people request details on the polymer clay so here it goes.
I went to Michael's and picked up some fun packs of polymer clay. You can find polymer clay at any craft store. Walmart even carries it. Michaels had polymer clay on sale 5 packs for $4. You can also buy a variety pack and use a 40% coupon. We can't wait to try out some fun colors. There was even glow in the dark clay.

Usually you bake the clay on 275 for 15 minutes. Check the specific package for details. Each company varies slightly on the cooking times. 

 Thumbprint necklaces
Roll small balls out of polymer clay
Have children press down with thumb
Use little eye hook for holder
Attach to ball chain from Hobby Lobby

We are making snowmen to go on our tree as well!

Need some fun craft ideas? Check out my pinterest boards. I found this cute snowman here. They were super easy to make and the kids LOVED helping.


  1. Looks like fun!! Your classroom Christmas tree is really cute!


  2. All of the clay crafts are super CUTE! I can't even take it...I'm jealous of how much stuff you have gotten completed already. Let's trade for four hours next week. You can do all the crafts in my room!!!!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. Those necklaces are adorable. My daughters love to create out of polymer clay and we stock up whenever it goes on sale - they love to make pigs and sheep and Minions!!

  4. Your classroom Christmas tree is so cute!! I love the candy garland...I have some of that, too!

  5. I love all the polymer clay ideas:) We just had a field trip to the Christmas tree farm (even though it was 80 degrees!) and the snowmen are adorable.

    The Resourceful Apple

  6. Everything is so stinkin cute! Where oh where my friend do you find the time and the energy????? I didn't even have the energy to put up our classroom tree this year:/ Boo for me:( Thanks for sharing:))) Have a wonderful weekend! Send some of that energy my way, will ya???

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