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Summer Bucket List!


I'm linking up with Mrs. Jump's class to share the top ten things I want to do this summer! I have way more than 10 but here are some photos I had handy.

1. I want to start cooking more vegetables. Actually I just need to cook anything. I'm not much of a cook.

2. I want to organize all of my photos on my photography website. I hope to take lots of pictures this summer so I need to be super organized.

3. I'm planning on going to the Aquatic Center and hanging out in the neighborhood pool. Hopefully I'll see some sweet students over the summer. I know my niece and nephew would love to hang out with some friends.

4. I have two online editing classes to take on to help me learn photoshop. I really need to get these started. I'm already falling behind.

5. Weddings. I have a few weddings to attend this summer. 

6. Relax and be lazy at Shipwreck Island Water Park. I'm hoping to bring along the nieces and nephew. I haven't been since I was little and now I have a season pass. 

7. Boating. I hope my husband won't be too tired to take me on some sunset boat cruises. Summer is his busy season. He works 7 days a week in the summer. Maybe we can fit in a couple.

8. I'm teaching painting two weeks this summer. Anyone have some fun painting lessons/ ideas?

9. I'll probably be hanging out with the cousins at the beach this summer. It's always a fun time.

10. Visit California and Relax

What are your plans? I'll be posting my pictures #summerbucketlist2014 on my Instagram. I'd love to see your pics as well.


  1. You forgot to say "hang out with one of my besties" in July and August!!!!!! You need to add a number 11. That's my favorite number anyways!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. Your list sounds fabulous to me! Alison's comment is cracking me up, you better add that #11 for that girl...or else! Haha!
    Have fun soakin' up the sun!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  3. Your photos are awesome! Love the sepia toned photo of the young lady. Yes! Come to California!!
    Fifth Grade Wit and

  4. I didn't see anything about scales, goals or a new reading series??? I'm just teasing! I hope you get to do all of the wonderful things on your list... and yes, #11 too! xoxo, K :)


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