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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week and TPT ?

Thank you Erica for this cute poster!
Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! Hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend. I'm getting ready for the HUGE Teacher Appreciation Giveaway that starts tomorrow! I have wonderful prizes to giveaway! Some are even just plain FUN and not teaching related! I am also having a 20% off sale May 6th-8th! Don't forget to use the coupon code ( TAD12) to save an extra 10 %. I do have a question for anyone who sells on TPT! Lately, I've had a couple of feedbacks saying that they couldn't print my packet. When they tried, a black line showed up. I'm thinking it's a problem on their end since thousands have downloaded my FREE Mother's Day packet. Anyone have this happen? I feel really bad but don't know what to do. I usually just copy and paste TPT's message about downloading a newer version of adobe. Well, I'm off to buy a few more some items for my giveaway. Leave me a comment with your favorite store and don't forget to check back MONDAY!

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  1. I've had that a few times too-and I just told them to make sure they had the latest version of Adobe. I did have a customer who was constantly leaving me questions/comments about not being able to download. I finally asked TpT to help (Dana) and the customer finally had things work out. I also learned through the process that more people have problems with Zip files than not. (I didn't have one at the time or now, but asked if it would have been easier to use that instead and that was what I was told)

    Have a great week! I need to get my plans done so I can get shopping on TpT!!!!!!!! Thank goodness this one is 3 days!

    Rulin' the Roost


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