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12 in 12

Wow ... Just thinking that 2012 is almost gone is CRAZY! Tonight I'm linking up with Hadar and Kristin for their 12 in '12.

12 favorite things! 
12. Favorite movie you watched:
Argo- Really the only movie I saw this year but I loved it.
11. Favorite TV series:
I don't have time for TV. Sure wish I did!
10. Favorite restaurant: 
Zambra - Asheville, NC
La Cocina- Rosemary Beach, Fl
9. Favorite new thing you tried:
Adobe Creative Cloud- Love it 
8. Favorite gift you got:
New Camera Lens and Kelly Moore Camera Bag

6. Favorite font:
Digs My Hart
Download Free Scrapbook Fonts

5. Best accomplishment:
Teacher of the Year
4. Favorite picture:
My classroom makes me happy!
3. Favorite memory:
Too many to list :)
2. Goal for 2013:
Less Clutter
1. One Little Word:


  1. bahahha!! I love those nailed it pins!! They make me laugh every time! Congrats on your teacher of the year award! That's awesome!! Thanks for linking up :)

  2. OMG...laughing so hard. I must go pin that!
    You're classroom is so organized and cute! I'm your newest follower
    If My Calculations Are Correct

  3. Laughing so hard that I am crying! I love Craft Fail :) Thanks for these...needed them tonight!

  4. Thanks for the great laugh with your nailed it pictures!

  5. Thanks for the great laughs with your nailed it pictures!

  6. Thanks for linking up!
    Your pin pictures are HILARIOUS! My favorite one is the girl on the beach. TOO FUNNY!
    Your classroom is gorgeous. Wow!

  7. OMG! You cracked me up! I am laughing so hard! I love the cookie monster cookies! hahaha! Thanks! I needed that :)

    & congratulations on Teacher of the Year! What a great accomplishment! And that room of yours...TDF!! Love it!

  8. Hahaha that's how all my Pinterest attempts would turn out! I am sooo not crafty but wish I was!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  9. I loved the pin of all of the fails! Makes me feel like I am not the only one that fails to make things look like the pictures! I am so happy to have found you through the linky. I hope you go and check out my blog sometime!
    Love, Laughter and Lesson Plans

  10. Your pictures made me laugh - out loud!! (and I'm home alone)

  11. Michele, you are too funny with your pin's!! You classroom pictures are fabulous!

    The Resourceful Apple

  12. Love your classroom! Congratulations on Teacher of the Year! What a wonderful accomplishment!

    Teaching in Oz

  13. I actually did the string balloon ornament. It made a gigantic mess and looked nothing like the picture. I was like, "but it looked so easy on Pinterest!!" So your post cracked me up.


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