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Florida Teacher Blog Hop

I'm so happy to be blogging about my city and state. Welcome to the Sunshine State! Enjoy yourself as you take a tour around our wonderful state! Grab some freebies along the way, and be sure to enter to win our Bundles of Sunshine!

Did you know that I'm from a town that some of you may have visited during your Spring Break? I'm from Panama City Beach, Florida. It's known for Spring Break but it has way more to offer than just that! 

One of my favorite spots is Shell Island. 

Shell Island is well-known as Panama City Beach’s most spectacular natural asset.  The pristine sand dunes, crystal clear waters, and boundless raw beauty of the island make it a one-of-a-kind retreat for visitors from all walks of life.  This natural asset serves as a haven for beach goers and swimmers who like to explore the emerald blue-green waters as well as a playground for families who enjoy spending the day searching for unique sea shells.

The very best way to reach the island is by boarding the Shell Island Shuttle, which is located in St. Andrews State Park.  

A funny thing happens to people once they visit Shell Island.  Maybe it is the salt air.  Perhaps it is the warm gulf breeze.  It might even be the sparkling white sandy beaches.  Whatever it happens to be, it entices people out on the water.  Seemingly normal, rational people take one trip across Grand Lagoon to this mystical place called Shell Island, and they can’t seem to get enough!  Like all the Islanders who have gone before you, I can assure you that your Shell Island experience is one you won’t forget!  See you at the Island!

I hope you enjoyed some of my pictures. To see more pictures on Instagram click on the camera.

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Come find out more about the beautiful state of Florida by reading about these other sweet teachers!

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  1. I love visiting your blog because 1. You have the best pictures! and 2. You live in FL-- jealous!!!

  2. Okay. Those photographs are seriously wonderful. The ones of your daughter {I think!} on the boat...priceless! So bright and colorful. Shell Island looks so fun! :)

    Creativity to the Core

  3. You have such a talent behind the camera! Every photo is so vibrant!
    Tales of a Teacher

  4. I'm still super jealous of your Florida map. It's my favorite so far. I love St. Andrews Park, Shell Island Shuttle and you! The best part of where you live is.....me, of course! Lol!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  5. All your pictures are so gorgeous! And I love how "humble" Alison is ^^, although I am sure she's the best part! Lol! It was super fun to meet and shop and chat with you ladies yesterday. We'll have to do it again for sure, new friend!

    The 4th Grade Journey

  6. You do have a great map! And gorgeous photos! I am loving this Florida adventure today!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

  7. If I ever make it down there….you know, in a few years, I am definitely putting Shell Island on my list! :) Thanks for sharing!
    Simple Insights

  8. Love your pics! You are just a hop, skip, jump away from me!

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Shell Island looks amazing! Now that I am just a few hours down the road, I'll have to add that to my list of places to visit. Thank you for sharing!
    Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans

  10. LOVE PCB! I must admit.... I went there for Spring Break twice when I was in collage. It is definitely the best Spring Break location :) Shell Island looks fabulous. The beaches are gorgeous!

    Dirty Hands & Lesson Plans

  11. This is such a fun blog hop :) Thanks for the wonderful freebies! Your photos are ALWAYS so beautiful! If I ever get to head to PCB, I will definitely be checking out Shell Island!

    Get Your Science on in Room 701

  12. Beautiful pictures to show off where you live. I am adding Shell Island to my list of places to visit!! :) Hope you're having a great week .I'm off to work on my Saturday Snapshots post!!!
    Mrs. Bentin's Blackboard

  13. Love looking at your pictures! You are so talented! Did you take the underwater ones? Enjoyed meeting you the other day. Hope I can catch up with you and Alison again soon!
    Burke's Special Kids

  14. Those photos are absolutely STUNNING! I've never been to Panama but seems like a great place to be!

    Hardcore Teacher Resources

  15. Absolutely gorgeous photographs! I want to visit the Panhandle so badly! It always looks amazing. Now I am adding Shell Island to my bucket list :)

  16. I have to agree with everyone else, your pictures are phenomenal! I really like the snorkeling underwater picture.

    I've never been to Panama City, but your post is making me want to load up our stuff and jump in the car!


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