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Now Teach! Staying Organized

I'm linking up today to share some organizing tips.... this is a hard one for me. I always have the BEST intentions of staying organized. 

Tip #1 All supplies are community supplies. I don't fool around with individual pencil boxes. It save so much time.

Tip #2 Bee Binders
click on pic to download free labels

Do you use organizational binders? I have always had some sort of reading folder and reading bag but a couple of years ago I switched to a 3 ring binder. This was the BEST tip/Organization idea I’ve ever done for my classroom.  Before binders, I was using plastic folders. I had folders for reading, folders for spelling, folders for homework. It was complete CHAOS! It was too confusing for the kids. I have found that I really like using the flexible plastic binders rather than the hard ones. I like using all one color and have found them for under 2 bucks at Wal-Mart and Office Depot. The only downfall is a cute spine and cover but not to fear you can still print out cute labels. Either way a 3 ring binder is the way to go! Many teachers have short catchy names for binders. I use B.E.E binders. BEE stands for Bring Everything Everyday. My students are great at remembering to bring their binders every day. When they arrive each morning, they take out any notes/money and homework and put their binders in the filing cabinet. I call it my Stop It and Drop It table. 
Now what goes in this great binder?

3 hole Binder Pouch: I always find mine at Wal-mart for around .59 cents. This pouch is great for holding money, notes, and even small leveled books.

Plastic Folders-This is where their reading log is stored along with their guided reading book for the night.

Page Protectors- I have their monthly lunch menu, spelling lists, class list, and any other important information in page protectors.

How do you store 18 plus binders? I have a small 2 drawer filing cabinet that stores mine but you could easily use file folder storage crates. I put hanging file folders inside of the filing cabinet so the students place their binders with the spine facing upwards. My students know exactly where their binder belongs because they each have a specific color hanging folder with their number on the front. I also put their class number on the spine of their bee binder.
Click on the picture to download my BEE intro.

More BEE items

Tip #3 Teacher Tool Box

I also just love the teacher tool box. This year I decided to keep it pretty simple. I love using no more than 3 colors to decorate my classroom. I think it keeps it simple, clean and crisp. 

Tip #4 Page Protectors are your friends

Page Protectors-They work wonders. The possibilities are endless and did you know you can still make copies even if the originals are in page protectors? I love page protectors as little cheat sheet necklaces. Here is a cute alphabet one. They are great for wearable signs and posters. My students love to be "green" by using them in my word work station with dry erase markers. You can also cut them and make them any size! 

Tip #5 Try out Planbook.com- It's super easy to embed Common Core Standards. I LOVE planning NOW that I have a year subscription which says a lot. 

Tip #6 Reminder Board and What's the Buzz board to remind me of student's important things happening in their life.

Tip #6 Label items for subs and parent volunteers using clohthespins!

Can't wait to find some neat ideas. I'm always looking for organizing tips. It's my weak point! 


  1. BEE-in' organized is the only way to BEE! Love all your classroom organization stuff. Looks BEE-utiful! <3
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. So informative! I also use Planbook.com and I LOVE it!

    Simply 2nd Resources

  3. Adorable and so coordinated! My classroom theme was Mrs. Brooks' Busy Bees for 10+ years until just last year I switched to Wise Owls. I was ready for a change but the bee stuff still makes me smile!

    Lindsey at Forever First Grade

  4. Organization will make your life better! :)

    Also, isn't it great to have a community of teachers as close as your computer or even phone to share great ideas??

    Thanks for sharing!!

    1. I'm learning the hard way! I still need some tips from you.

  5. You are KILLING ME!!! I already told you that I love your Bee Theme but now you show it off even more and the FREE BEE LABELS just tempted me to buy all your bee stuff!! I've spent so much money that I am ashamed to say it aloud!! WHY!!

    Ms. Chae Charges In

    1. Aww thanks! I'm keep find more and more cute bee clip art

  6. I have the best intentions too. I also try to have good systems in place but they don't always work out that way. I am planning on doing binders this year. I hope that helps with the mountains of paper that I deal with all the time. I love you teacher tool box. Very cute!

    Ms Richards's Musings

  7. Where did you buy your white pails? Thank you

  8. I just found the cards on your TpT store thanks! Toni

  9. I love your ideas! And your room is too cute!! ;)


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