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Giveaway Item #7

In order to teach a child, you must enter their view of the world.Julia Cook

I am so excited to share giveaway item #7. Are you familiar with Julia Cook? Well, I was having a huge problem with blurting out in the beginning of the year until I found the perfect solution- My Mouth is a Volcano. You will not believe how my kids responded to the story. They totally could relate to the main character. After purchasing My Mouth is a Volcano, I got online to find as many books as I could by Julia Cook. You will be amazed at how her stories sound just like some of the students in your class. After reading Julia’s stories, my students seemed to really think and problem solve on their own. By reading her books, we’ve learned all about personal space, focusing, asking for permission, accepting no for an answer, worrying, tattling and more! Julia Cook is a wonderful author who specializes in character and social education. Her stories teach children how to solve their own problems. Julia gives problem solving techniques that students can start using right away. Whenever a problem arises in the classroom, I look through my Julia Cook collection and seem to always have the perfect book. I’m so fortunate to have found these stories. I’ve been patiently waiting to purchase Blueloon- a book about depression. Julia has graciously donated an autographed copy! SHHH! Don’t enter- I’m keeping it for my class. Just kidding! Mine should be here any day. You could even win an author visit to your school by submitting literature response activities that your class has done using one of Julia's many books. To win an autographed copy of Blueloon, follow the steps below.

Check out these cute little tennis balls, created to fit on chair legs and eliminate that awful screech of seats moving. The other day I was looking for something new for my guided reading chairs. I recently switched from crate seats to chairs but had a little problem. My chairs were screeching and causing black marks on my white floor. After searching the web, I came across Chair Kickz. I instantly fell in love with these stylish chair covers. I’m patiently waiting for polka dot ones. The owner, Josh, is wonderful. He’s offering 3 sets to 1 lucky winner. He’s even offering 15% off orders of $50 or more for one month.  Simply enter the code: missnelson when you check out.  There is a promo box for your special code!!
What kinds of designs and colors would you be interested in for your classroom? Leave a comment for an extra chance to win this fabulous giveaway.

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  1. what a great idea!

  2. Oh my goodness! My team JUST ordered "My Mouth is a Volcano" and we can't WAIT to read it! How funny! What a coincidence.

    Now I can tell them that it comes highly rated! :)

    Just Tinkerin’ Around

  3. The Julia Cook books sound fab! Thanks for following me. I'm you're newest follower now. :)

    Sharon Dudley, NBCT

  4. those tennis balls are too cute!


    1. and I think they would be super cute with some stars on them!

  5. Love those cute Chair Kickz! Cute Camo! I would love polka dot ones! or tie dyed! :)


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