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Giveaway Item # 9

We are now on Giveaway Item #9. If you haven't checked out the different items you will have until Sunday April, 22nd to enter. I will be announcing winners on Monday April, 23rd. 
I don’t know about you but how I teach math is completely different to the way I was taught in school. I do not remember learning about front end addition, doubles or doubles plus one but now I’m so glad to have found these powerful strategies. Before finding ShelleyGray, I wasn’t too comfortable teaching mental math strategies. Now, I love Mental Math! By teaching mental math strategies you are equipping students with skills they need to solve more complex equations. These math strategies are great tools if you allow students to really master them. We do a lot of math talks and really focus on the easiest math strategies first before we start a new strategy. If you want to see what Shelley recommends you can find it in this video. I’ve also learned to use math mathematical language and vocabulary throughout my lessons.  
Our math series is very weak in covering certain standards so I always supplement with TPT units and packets. I highly suggest you take a look at Teaching Resources by Shelley Gray.
Another fabulous resource that I just love is Amy Lemons at Step into 2nd grade. Her blog is absolutely darling. I’m always getting great ideas for my class. The best part about Amy’s items is they are always reasonably priced and very cute. Shelly and Amy have both agreed to giveaway a unit. Shelly graciously agreed to give away her mental math strategies bundle. The lucky winner will be able to pick either the complete addition or subtraction pack. What a wonderful prize!  Sweet Amy is donating her Shapin’ Up unit which is super cute.  I just love the poems that go along with the shapes. My students had a blast with Shapin' Up!
To enter please follow the steps below:

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  1. Thank you so much! I am so excited! These will be so helpful for my students! I'll look for your e-mail!



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