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Giveaway Item #8

Thanks for checking back so often. I  am now on giveaway item #8.I love teaching beginning readers and I’ll let you in on a little secret. I use a brain-based, teacher developed tool kit called Secret Stories . It’s what really helps me teach those hard spelling patterns. Before using Secret Stories, I couldn’t really get through to my students why the letters made certain sounds. Now, I have secret stories to help motivate learners in helping uncover the letter sounds and letter patterns. I like how Secret Stories uses visual, auditory, and kinesthetic means to activate every learning channel. I have been incorporating this program for the past 4 months and I absolutely love it!
You should see my student's growth in reading and writing skills just from incorporating these wonderful stories.   If you've never seen the stories, you should take a look.  I ordered the kit this year after seeing them all over the web. The author of Secret Stories is Kate Garner. She’s a genius. She is graciously giving me a Secret Stories kit to share with one lucky winner! To enter please follow the steps below.
‘AU /AW’

have a huge crush on each other,
and whenever they have to stand ‘side-by-side’ in a word,
they get so embarrassed,
they always look down and say-

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  1. Hi my friend - congrats! You won a unit on my giveaway. Comment and leave me your email on my blog and I will be in touch. :o)
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  2. yay! My email is missnelsonattpt@yahoo. Congrats on 500 followers.

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