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How I use dojo in the classroom plus FREEBIE

Just popping in real quick to let you know how I use class dojo in my classroom. I'm also curious to see how you use it. For every 50 points earned, my students cash in their points to pick out of my Best 'Bee'havior catalog. The catalog is filled with the usual free and fun coupons such as wear a hat, eat lunch with teacher, stinky feet, etc. Their points don't get erased until they reach 50 points then they just start over.

I give class dojo points for the 5 Whole Brain Teaching Rules and for work habits. I give a ton of whole class points, table points, and individual points. I try really hard to pass out more positives than removing points. You would be surprised at how wonderful the students act once they hear the sound of me giving points (postitives). I sometimes just ding points from my own personal avatar to get them on track. They have no idea that I'm really not taking away points from a specific student.  Every once in a while I will remove a whole point (negative) from the class as a whole. I seldom remove individual points unless it's something major. If they get in trouble in the lunchroom then they definitely lose a point for not keeping the teacher happy. :)

My students login at home or come see me individually to view their class dojo points.  The class points are not really showcased on the board for all to compare/ compete. I don't mind if they see it every once in a while but I try to make it more of a private matter.

Their parents receive weekly updates by email on Friday afternoons. I love how the students have already changed their own avatars at home because they log on with a unique student code.

I'm really trying for my students to earn work habit points for neat handwriting, clean desks, using time wisely etc.

How do you use class dojo? Would you like some free class dojo behavior beads? Download here.
I sure do love positive feedback :)


  1. Thank you so much for the freebie. I just started using Class Dojo and I'm sure my students will love these!

    1. Enjoy! Thanks for commenting. I wish you success with dojo points.

  2. I tried using class dojo last year and found it was super hard to keep up with. I felt like I was always on my phone and forgot to give/take points away when I needed too. It was a distraction to me. I like how you only add positive points. I think this would be easier to manage for me with that method. Thanks for your tips and I will keep this in mind for the next half of the year! It really is a neat technology tool if you keep up with it!
    Rambling About Reading

    1. Yes I tried the other way and it was WAY too hard to manage. I mostly do whole group points and table points. It's so much faster. I also add them when they are at specials or lunch. I keep a little clipboard to remind me. I usually add about 4 points a day nothing major. I like how they accumulate points so it is ongoing and easy to manage.

  3. Do you use this rather than the WBT scoreboard then? I have been implementing WBT for the past few years but never did scoreboard because it wasn't really needed, but this special group this school year sure needs something...

  4. I started using Class Dojo in the middle of last year. It worked MAGIC on one of my students. That was what he needed to keep himself on track. I am so glad to hear that you didn't keep it up for all the students to see. I think I will try that this year. I am going to set up my class right now. First day today! Have a wonderful day!
    ❀Beth Ann❀
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  5. I LOVE ClassDojo! Last year I gave rewards on Friday for earning a certain number of points for the week and allowed them to create their own avatar if they earned 100% positive points. This year I've also added brag tags (Great minds think alike!) if they get 100% for the month. I looked up the different colors for karate belts. Each month earns another color. This could easily be adjusted to number of points. I used the free clipart from ClassDojo for my design and changed the colored backgrounds. I think the kids are going to enjoy them.

  6. Your behavior beads are so cute. I hope you keep coming up with new ones. I love them. You are so creative.


  7. I had not heard of class dojo before. I just signed up. I'm going to give it a try and see how it goes. Thanks for posting.

  8. Thanks for sharing about how you use class dojo!

    I started using it too but I like how you use the class points. And thanks for the freebie as well!!


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