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Bulletin Board 101

I just got back from school redoing my boards for the new year. Oh how things have changed throughout the years. My first couple of years I had border to match every season and thematic unit. I would spend hours switching the fabric every few weeks. Not only was this exhausting for me but it really was too busy for my students.  My room was filled with color. Some could describe it as skittles exploding in my room. Now I have learned a few things.

Tip #1 Cohesive Backgrounds-The best tip is to keep the boards cohesive throughout the room. I like using fabric so I stick with black and white. I sometimes pick a different pattern but the colors are all the same. Wrapping paper is also very helpful along with twin bed sheets.

Tip #2- Cohesive Borders- Another thing I love is keeping the borders cohesive as well. I no longer need storage for my borders because I only pick a few patterns.  To make my boards fun, I layer the borders. I think it frames the boards much better than a single border.

Tip #3-Student Space-The last tip is to keep your boards simple. I provide each student with a space on my board and make sure it’s easy and quick to change out their work. I have used paperclips, clothespins and tacks. The paper clips allow me to easily slip their work under the clip. The tacks allow for multiple sheets over the course of the semester and a clothesline with clothespins allows for easy access.

Paperclips are an easy option for switching out student work
Clothespins are also very easy!
Tacks allow for multiple sheets over the course of the semester


  1. Cute, cute, cute! These are adorable, girlfriend! :)


  2. Good tips... I'm sad to be loosing all my wall space with my new portable. I'm gonna have to get creative! Can't wait to see pics of your room for next year! I love the cohesive colors...makes everything look so neat and clean!

    The Learning Tree

  3. Super cute! All your stuff in your TpT store is really making me want to switch my theme.. I am loving all of it! Are those paper plates (blue) for buzzing" I used paper plates for a banner this year at halloween time and everyone loved it! Also, is the black and white fabric cut with pinking (sp) shears? Your room rocks!

    Kickin' it in Kinder

  4. LOVE it!
    I do not have much wall space in my room, but tons of empty wall space in the hallway. Something to think about...
    Pinning it for a later date :)
    My Second Sense

    1. When I had wall space but no bulletin boards I laminated the paper and mounted it to make my own boards. I added border and you would never know it wasn't an existing board

  5. Thanks for the bulletin board tips! I read about layering borders & I'm going to try it this year. I use fabric for some of my bulletin boards, since I'm limited on BB space & it works well as a makeshift board.
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  6. I remember when I was student teaching, I'd cringe when I walked into rooms and saw the dreadful bulletin boards. I promised myself I'd always have the best bulletin boards and change them with my themes. Ha! Well, that hasn't happened!! :)

  7. Your boards are beautiful! It makes me want to change my theme, but I think it's a little late for that....I've bought too much! Really great job!! :)

  8. Love the idea of layering borders!!!
    Michelle @ Smitten With First

  9. Looks great! What did you divide your hallway board with? Is that duct tape or border?

    Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
    Mrs. Wheeler TpT

    1. I have used painter tape

  10. Thanks everyone! I used border. I've been looking for polka dot duct tape everyone but no luck.

  11. Oh snap! I saw polka dot duct tape but can't remember where! I want to say Home Depot but I'm not 100% sure...sorry.

    Anyhow, I was exactly that same teacher who swapped out bulletins constantly. Every time we did a new theme I would re-do the bulletin. It was definitely overwhelming!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and adding your link :)

    Color Me Kinder

  12. Okay...So will you be mad if I stole your idea where you have the board divided to show student work? I love it!!!

    Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!
    Please join me for my giveaway!

  13. I just found your blog and I love it! I have a bee themed classroom so I especially love all of your bee stuff! I am really looking forward to following you. :)
    Sprinkles to Kindergarten

  14. These look awesome! LOVE the colors and polka dots!

  15. New follower here! Your wall looks amazing! I also have a black & yellow theme in my classroom! Thanks for the inspiration.


  16. Great tips! I love your blog!



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