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Classroom Day 2 Linky and Giveaway

I am SO not motivated today! I have a major task ahead of me. My closet and cabinets look like a bomb exploded. I have to work up the courage to go tackle this major task. I would rather be doing bulletin boards and putting out labels. Anyone with me? I need some good organizing tips. So link up and show me before and after pictures of your skills. I will pick a winner to win a personalized set of name art. You have until August 30th to link up with your pictures and organizing tips. I'll start with my before pictures. Be back in a couple of days for the BIG reveal.

One winner will win a set of their own

How fun are these personalized name tags? I just love them. My friend is seriously talented.

Please don't forget to grab this button and link up before August 30th to be entered into the giveaway.


  1. I don't have a before picture but my after picture is here. When I moved rooms this past year I was able to take the contents of my cabinet and put them in the emptied out cabinet of my new room. It really did stay organized all of last year. Hope this helps!

    Living A Wonderful Life

  2. I am so excited! My closets are a disaster right now. All right off to the 99 cent store to get some new containers!
    Adventures in Room 5

  3. UGH! Just thinking or going through all my boxes after moving classrooms makes me cringe. I got through a lot of them, but seemed to leave the hard ones for last... regretting that decision now. I can't wait to see what you do!
    Mrs. Castro's Class

  4. I think I did it correctly... I love my afters on my reading nook (are teachers allowed to squee???) and cannot wait to tackle the rest of the room!!! It will be a jungle in there when I am done!
    Remember to stay 'Wild About School!'

  5. Keep it up..you will be done in no time :) I have to wait until August 13 rolls around to start setting up my teeny tiny room that was not mine last year :(

  6. Excited to see more classroom pictures. Very fun idea for a link up!
    I Want to be a Super Teacher

  7. Thank you for the linky - I love peeking at other classrooms!


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