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Who loves a SALE? I sure do!!! Well for the next several days I will be putting three items a day on sale for just a buck. I say three because I think $3 is the minimum purchase amount from TPT. I have just purchased new graphics and can't wait to make room for more awesome packets.Today's(7-24-12) three packets are

FYI- If you've purchased my Spelling and Word Work 101- I just added 16 more pages so please re-download. I'm also in the process of updating 102 and 103. Boy-I've learned so much about creating packets and will be updating some of my very first packets real soon.

This is my BEST seller. My kids love this packet every year. It makes a dry subject fun and meaningful.

I'm loving these editable labels. They are great for gift tags, name tags, cubbies, flashcards, word wall words, and more!
You must have power point to add your own text.


  1. Those labels are ADORABLE!! I love them!! :)

    A Day in First Grade

  2. What a great sale! Thank you! I might have to refrain from checking in every day accounts can be a downer!
    Mrs. Castro's Class


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