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I'm linking up with Amanda, from Teaching Maddeness, and sharing some of my New {School} Year Resolutions. Oh how I love resolutions but rarely keep them up. 

#1 I want to keep an uncluttered guided reading table. I always make piles but this has got to STOP. This year I'm going to try and not leave school unless my desk is cleared.

#2 I want to find a teaching/blogging/life balance. I want to make sure I'm out of school by 3:30 and off the computer by 8:00. I've been known to stay up til at least 12 :00 on school nights.

#3 I want to be very efficient with using our new online grading system. This will be my first year keeping grades online. Wish me LUCK!

#4 Plan more field trips and write more grants. 

#5 Complete my student's scrapbook each month and organize pictures for the end of the year DVD. Don't wait until MAY!


  1. I really want to try and leave everyday with my desk, table, and anywhere else that collects "junk" cleared off too. Also, I want to try and be at school early in the morning. I feel SO much better when I'm not rushed in the morning.

    I would LOVE your school scrapbook pack!!


    Yeehaw! Teaching in Texas

  2. I too need a teaching/blogging life balance. I'm addicted to my blogs and if I don't read them they pile up! I'm sure you can relate. I wish you luck on all of your resolutions!!

    Primarily Speaking

  3. Great resolutions! I need to make the same one about my desk -- piles everywhere!!

    Learning With Susie Q


  4. I love your #1-2
    I found you on New (school) Year Resolutions linky! I love to connect with other teachers! I am going to go back and read some of your older post!
    Fancy Free in Fourth

  5. No matter how hard I try-I always end up with piles of stuff too. But I'm one of those people that if I put things away, then I can't find anything anymore-I know what pile it's in! :) I wish I could leave school at 3:30-I can't even make that a resolution-I know it just won't happen.


  6. If you find a secret recipe for keeping balance will you please share....I am in desperate need of it :) Good luck with your resolutions and your school year!!!

  7. Thanks for linking up to the party! I think you'll LOVE the online grading system! I would love to keep on top of my end of year DVD scrapbook monthly, but that might be a little lofty for my goals! :)

    Teaching Maddeness

  8. Your resolutions are great! I also need to stay better organized and I also need to work on those Common Core Standards this year! One of my (many) goals is to not let CC stress me out and to make the best of this first year into it! I want my kiddos (and myself) to have an exciting, stress-free year!

  9. I'd love to win your scrapbook packet! :)

  10. I am spending way too much time on the computer, so I need to find a way to set limits. (And I don't even have a blog...I'd be on 24/7 if I did!)

    As usual, your packet is adorable!

    tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

  11. My school year resolution is to leave school each night with a clean desk, to be more organized, and NOT make copies during the day. I always think of a grand idea that reqires copying or a lot of cutting RIGHT in the middle a lesson (sad I know) so just thinking things through. Last thing, only stay after school 30 minutes
    Monique Ralston

  12. I am a brand new blogger as of Saturday! My resolution will also be to keep my desk clear of piles, learn aa many blogging tricks and tips as possible, and make better use of my planning time-I'm a talker!!! Love your blog!

  13. Sorry! See, I was so excited I forgot to leave my email address for the School Days Scrapbook!Can you tell this is my first time entering a contest??!!

  14. My guided reading table also has tons of stuff on it as well. I should have added that to my new school resolutions.

    Ms. Fiorini’s Stadium

  15. I just want to be more organized & add a little more cuteness to my class : )


  16. I just want to be more organized & add a little more cuteness to my class : )


  17. I love that you defined what it means/looks like to balance work/blogging and life by giving specific times. I'm going to remember that trick when I get to linking up!

    Inside this Book


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