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Apple Chalkboard Winner and Saturday Snapshot tips

Love Your Camera

I sure hope you all are snapping a few shots this week. Don't worry about getting the perfect shot... sometimes grabbing your cell phone and shooting away will save a memory you will never forget. I also want to encourage you to snap some photos of yourself because sometimes as family memory keepers we forget. I am EXTREMELY guilty of this one. Get out of the mindset that pictures of you aren't as important. Also, don't just take photos of the important people in your life, take pictures of your everyday happenings. Things that are important to you will be great for documenting your life. 

Some picture ideas

Photograph your routine
Capture the milestones
Your favorite hangout spot
A favorite piece of furniture
Favorite school snack
Favorite piece of clothing
Your purse/teaching bag
Inside your car
Work outfits
Books your reading
Your city’s landmarks
Food photos
Pet portraits
A current love

Be sure to check back Saturday for some more photography tips and apps.

I'll leave you with this:
Here is a wonderful pdf that explains ISO a little more in depth. Before I learned about ISO I liked to keep it on 800 because it was a faster snap of a picture. I've since learned that it's best to keep it low. Using a lens that has a wide opening (aperture 1.2-2.8) allows more light so you don't need to bump up your ISO in low lighting situations.

My favorite lens of the moment is a 50 mm 1.4. It is wonderful in low lighting and really allows for a shallow depth of field.

DSLR 101

Love playing around with presets! I'll share with you on Saturday my favorites.

Chalkboard Winner

Thank you Dawn at LaDeeDah art for donating this cute chalkboard apple! 
Vicky check your email so I can get your mailing address.


  1. Your pictures are gorgeous! Thank YOU so much for your camera hints and tips! I just bought my first DSLR and am learning so many things from you! I appreciate it so much!

    A is for Apple B is for Blog

  2. Yay yay yay I'm so excited friend!!!! Email is vickypmoore40@gmail.com

  3. I always enjoy viewing your pictures, they are always so beautiful! I am looking forward to linking up this Saturday!

    Primarily Speaking


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