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Saturday Snapshots

Happy Saturday!!!!

Saturday Snapshots officially started last week. It happened to be National Camera day last Saturday... how fitting? Saturday Snapshots is about your remembering moments in your life. 

It is about capturing, documenting, and preserving all that is important to us. So start snapping so you can link up on Saturdays.

I love snapping pictures so I just jumped on the Instagram bandwagon. Please excuse my lack of hashtag knowledge and inappropriate instagram etiquette. I should have read this before I started. Oh. WEll! LESSON learned. 

I love the whole concept behind Instagram but I needed a way to actually document life in a tangible way. Am I the only one who keeps buying new SD cards because mine are full? Well, PROJECT LIFE  is the perfect solution. I'm sure you've heard of Becky Higgins  and PROJECT LIFE but if not ....then you're in for a treat.  Watch the short video below! It's my kind of scrapbooking. Michael's and Hobby Lobby JUST started carrying PROJECT LIFE and you know what that means ... 40% off coupons. Super simple. You don't need glue, scissors or embellishments to assemble. Just add your photos.

I'm going to start tomorrow documenting my life with PROJECT LIFE.

Here are my pictures from the past week! I still need major help with my watermark. Pictures are getting distorted when I add my watermark in powerpoint. Good thing Steph will be guest blogging soon and she will share some quick and easy ways to add a watermark. I need some more Saturday guest bloggers to offer some photography apps or tips if you are interested. 

Love the new colors and kits found at Hobby Lobby and Michaels. My favorite is the Midnight Edition. 

 Here is is a sample page. It took me less than 2 minutes to write a little journal card and insert pictures in the page protectors. 

Love visiting St. Andrews State Park

Have you tried Chick-Fil-A's Cobb salad?... It's really good!

Rainbow after it stopped raining. It has been raining for days in Florida. BOO!

Yay for new classroom stools! These will be perfect for the guided reading area. Also, can't wait until my other stools arrive. 

Fun little art project with pool noodles. 

Don't forget to link up. I will be picking a winner for the month of July to win a custom camera strap. Each week you link up counts as an entry. Don't have a DSLR camera? No worries... I'll give you $20 towards my tpt store.


  1. Saturday Snapshots. Clever! :)

    I love my DSLR! Unfortunately, I've been forgetting it for the last two weeks when we go out. Ugh! I guess it's good that I keep my phone. Cell phone photos are better than no photos, right? ;)

    First Grade with Ms. Dawley

    1. Of course they count. I just got an iphone and it's so easy to use. Don't worry about getting the perfect shot... sometimes grabbing your cell phone and shooting away will save a memory you will never forget.

  2. I've just recently heard of Project Life. I didn't know that Michael's and Hobby Lobby carried it. I'm going to have to stop by and take a look next time i'm at either one. Thanks. I love the rainbows! I'm looking forward to your guest blogger, I'm interested in learning how to add a watermark.

    1. It's so easy. Definitely check it out.

  3. Great shots! Thanks for having the "Snapshot Saturdays". I'm planning on going to Michael's tomorrow to check out the Project Life. It definitely looks like something I might be interested in.
    Alison :)
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  4. Hi~I've been following you for quite a while but I am so INSPIRED by today's post. I used to be an avid digital scrapbooker, not as hard as the paper stuff, but I have gotten a bit behind. You have motivated me to organize my photos and get myself back on the wagon! :) I will be linking up next week for sure. :)
    I would love to do a guest post about digital scrapbooking if you think your readers would be interested in that topic. I did a Monday Made-It post about it a few weeks ago. I'm off now to get organized to see how long it's going to take me to catch up! :) Thanks for the inspiration.
    Creating Lifelong Learners

  5. This was an inspiring post. I do just keep everything digital. It's time to go back to tangible! And, it gives me another excuse to spend money at Michaels. We put a fancy camera on our registry for our wedding. But, we know very little about photography. Can you recommend a great camera for beginners?

    The Tutu Teacher

  6. I am LOVING the idea of Project Life, I definitely have to look into that. (I've had the same scrapbooks for so long and they are both empty...ugh!) That salad looks yummy, I think I just decided where I'm going for lunch!

    I love the linky!

    Looney for Third

  7. I LOVE your photos. They are so beautiful! My favorite is the rainbow picture. Thanks for hosting this fun linky! Such a great idea!


  8. If it makes you feel any better, I don't get the whole hashtag thing either! I haven't even used any yet because I truly don't get it. Ha!

    I love that Project Life photo display. I used to scrapbook, but I just don't have the time (or heart) anymore; I've been making photo books on Shutterfly, but they aren't the same thing as an actual photograph. I'm going to have to look into Project Life; thanks for sharing!

    Primarily Speaking

  9. Super love all your awesome pics:) You have such a nack....neat perspective and vision when you take your pics! Do you do that on the side???? You should if you don't:) Like you need one more thing to do...lol:) I'm gonna try to link up tomorrow:/ I already posted today and don't wanna break rules...lol:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  10. I jut picked up my PL materials a couple of weeks ago! I love it! I ended up getting the Honey Edition. But I need to invest in some type of wedding/holiday kit too for different occasions. I love how your wedding layout looks!

  11. I have been hearing about Project Life and was wondering what it was!!!! Thanks for sharing!!! Looks easy! :) Your Saturday Snapshots have inspired me to start using my DSLR more! (To be honest- I'm not really sure how to work it but I'm learning!) :) Have a great weekend!

    Soaring Through Second

  12. I loved looking at your pictures. I will have to check out Project Life, I have never heard of it before. I think I told you that I put my watermark in through photoshop. I wish I could give more help, but being new to all this I am just learning how to do all the blogging and photoshop tricks myself. What I have learned so far is by watching tutorials on You Tube. Maybe one day I will be good enough to give a blogging tutorial.

  13. Loving all of the photos! Thanks for the great linky! Did you make those cute turtles? They are adorable!

  14. REALLY LOVING this linky! Today you inspired me to check out watermarks. I found a tutorial and started working on one right away. I haven't settled on a final one yet, but I'm on my way. I used one on todays's snapshots. THANKS!!!!!

    The Teacher's Desk 6

  15. I love the pic of St. Andrews Park. I am going to try to take more scenery pics! Thanks for the inspiration!

  16. I love the Project Life set! So simple! I think I will get one for my Mom for her birthday! It will be so much better than leaving all the pictures on the computer or in boxes.

    I am obsessed with the pool noodle turtles! I have to make one this Summer! Good thing I bought those pool noodles on sale last Summer!

    The Polished Teacher

  17. Great pictures. Where are you getting those stools from?

    Sixth Grade Tales
    Follow my new Facebook page

  18. Your photographs are beautiful! We purchased a Cannon T3i (I think). My husband has used it, but I haven't even touched it yet. Overwhelming! I hope to pick up some tips from you, and work up my nerve to snap a few shots. :)

    Can't wait to learn about easy watermarks!

    Read With Me ABC

  19. Oh my goodness what are those cool stools you have on the way...I need some?


    Rock Stars At Work

  20. I LOVE PROJECT LIFE!! I've been doing it for about a year now - glad to see another teacher that's doing it, too! :)

    Miss V's Busy Bees

  21. Thank you for being a new follower!!!! What an honor :) :) I am excited to see what you are going to do with Project Life, that company has always been an interest of mine!!!

  22. Thank you for saturday snapshots! I love this idea...I'm a day late because but I couldn't not post! I am a new follower so thank youu!! I am new to the blogging world and would love a follow back!


    Style Closet to Classroom

  23. Beautiful pictures! I especially love the rainbow. Photography has been a recently-neglected hobby of mine, I think I'm inspired to get back behind the camera! :)


  24. I just bought my first two Project Life albums, a core kit, some dividers and pages last week at Michael's. Most of them were on clearance and I got such a deal! I love them and can't wait to start them so I can share on a Monday Made It! I love how simple it is! Thanks for sharing yours!

    A is for Apple B is for Blog


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