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Scatter Seeds of Kindness

Scatter seeds of kindness wherever you go!

Do you find the time to teach kindness with all the demands of testing?  When I first started teaching,
I didn't know where to begin. Luckily, I found some wonderful books that changed my classroom.  I started teaching lessons on kindness but more importantly I taught kindness by example.   

Over the years, I've tried everything such as reward systems, clip-charts, class-dojo, brownie points, etc. Last year I found these little seeds of happiness. The whole story is so inspiring.  Watch this short clip if you haven't seen the tiny seeds. 

I quickly ordered a whole display kit and FELL IN LOVE. I would pass out smiles to students who were having a rough day or just because!  Motivating students with these seeds and happy notes were simple and effective. The seeds inspired my students to be kind and spread a smile. This year students will also be able to pass out seeds and happy notes. Their job will be to make the world a happier place by spreading seeds and happy notes.  They will learn to pay it forward because keeping the seeds and notes will NOT help the smiles grow.  How fun would it be to mail seeds of happiness and happy notes to distant family members and ask them to mail their favorite positive quotes back or better yet another classroom? Think ... Flat Stanley  Pays It Forward.  

Take a LOOK! I'm about to show you my Monday Made It. Thanks Tara for hosting. I just love her! This is by all means my favorite linky party so thanks for hosting every Monday in the Summer.

My HAPPY NOTES BOX (Found at Michael's and added the burlap bow for Monday Made It)

Ideas for spreading happiness

Focus on a quote of the day or week
Post the quote on a door, computer screensaver, ribbon display chart, or in frames
Put a bunch of happy notes in a fishbowl and pull one out at the beginning of each day
Start a random acts of kindness journal and continue the KIND KIDS CLUB thanks a year of many first for the BEST freebie!
The possibilities are endless. How do you teach kindness in the classroom?

 I would like to scatter seeds of happiness today by allowing you to enter my Bee Happy giveaway. 
Leave me a comment telling me how you teach kindness for a chance to win a class set of seeds (20 seeds) and $15 to my tpt store! 

Bonus- Purchase the HAPPY NOTES packet on SALE today and get 10 extra entries. Just let me know your tpt username and I'll enter you 10 more times. :) Sale price $4.00 Monday ONLY!

I'll pick 2 winners Monday night. 

Super Cheap Stylish DIY notepad

Are you always running out of scratch paper? This is a fun way to have stylish notepads. I'm always going through post-its which cost an arm and a leg. I was looking at all of my scrapbook paper and thought ... what if I cut them in fourths??? I used heavy scrapbook paper (cardstock) and had Office Depot cut in quarters. The total cost was $1. 60 for cuts. They would have padded for only $1.00. The neat thing is they have TONS of different patterns and packs at every craft store and they are usually half off. Two notepads won't need padding as they are already padded. I'm keeping the other two pads loose in a little basket.

$11.60/4 = $2.90  for a cute sturdy notepad... I THINK SO!

The paper notepads are cheap, durable, stylish, and students/parents will not loose the note because it stands out!What do you think?



  1. I love using bucket fillers for teaching kindness. :)

    Sprinkles to Kindergarten

  2. This post made me wish I have been more intentional about teaching kindness the last 2 years I've taught! I don't do anything like this in my room...now I feel awful. We do a whole class "cookie compliments" (like brownie points) and I have a clip chart for behavior, but to just teach kindness for the sake of kindness (like P.R.A.K.), I dont teach that. Now I have a goal for the new school year; thanks, for the inspiration!

  3. I think it is so important to teach kindness and social skills in general to our kids. Sometimes the only kindness some kids will receive will be at school. I remember in college one of my professor teaching about the seeds of kindness and she gave each of use a seed. I still have mine. :) It is so rewarding to teach others to be kind and to love one another!
    I teach daily social skills lessons to my students. I teach special needs students, so sometimes it is about kindness, anger management, or just how to do deal with daily social interactions.
    I love your cards and also the post that you linked to about acts of kindness. I can't wait to get started being kind :)
    Mrs. H's Resource Room

  4. I love the seeds of happiness idea! What a sweet way to teach kindness! I'm a new follower!

    A Sunny Day in First Grade

  5. I use the bucketfillers concept in our school. Heading over for your Happy Notes now. Love this idea!

  6. Just downloaded. Now to print, laminate,and start spreading. Tpt name is: zoglmann

  7. We use a program called Second Step that is very dates. I incorporate literature and lots of teacher created activities so the children connect to what is being taught. I love your recent products that focus on this and just purchased Happy Notes and left feedback:)

    The Resourceful Apple

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  9. I have done bucket fillers in my room for a few years. Every month we have the bucket filler challenge...which is a time when we have to fill every single bucket in out classroom in one week! I also think it is very important for the classroom teacher to fill buckets, I can tell you that when a child gets one from their teacher they almost burst. If they move up our clip chart they also earn a happy rock in their bucket...these are theirs to keep and treasure!
    Off to buy your happy notes...my tpt is Clemsonbc!

  10. I've used many different "programs" over the years! I like bucket fillers, I currently teach 2nd and it gives the kids a good visual to refer to.
    I really like your "seeds" idea. I think it will give the kids a good visual to think of with their actions and words.

  11. I've never seen these seeds, but I'm loving them! I teach my kiddos to give positive feedback to students after they participate/respond. It's great, by the end of they year, they naturally tell each other "good job or nice try" with a thumbs up. My kiddos are less nervous abut raising their hand to give an answer :) Thanks again for sharing the seeds ;)
    First Grade Dual

  12. Each week, we write a little note to the Very Special Person of the week. I really stress not just putting a generic note like 'You are nice' and really, the students do a great job. I then bind them and the VSP (and their parents) love looking at what everyone wrote!

    I am hoping to get some more great ideas from other people's comments, too!

    tokyoshoes at hotmail dot com

  13. I always start out trying to teach kindness, but somewhere along the line it falls by the wayside. I love ALL of your ideas! I had heard of the seeds of kindness, but hadn't seen the video. Do the kids get to keep the seed or do they return it at the end of the day? I also love your kindness cards! The notepads are a terrific idea, you're right the paper should catch the parent's eye. Thanks for sharing.
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  14. I love the seeds of happiness and love how you have incorporated them into your classroom! I have done bucket fillers with my first graders but since my district started using PBIS I have down scaled it. Looking forward to implementing this into my classroom!

  15. We use PBIS in our school, so I issue "bucks" when I see kind behaviors and then make a really big deal about it! ;)

    Fifth in the Middle

  16. I've given my students "warm fuzzies" (pom pom monsters)and told them about the "cold pricklies." The seeds are precious.


  17. Love these seeds and especially the story behind them! I do kindness quotes, class promise, and bucket fillers to promote kindness in class. I'd love to win these for the upcoming year because I hear this group especially could use it.

  18. Miss Nelson I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!!! These notes of kindness are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for creating can't wait to purchase.

    One Fab Teacher

  19. Oh how I love your notes! This is an amazing idea--sometimes these children do not even know how to be kind because they've never seen it. I don't do anything formally, just encourage children to do kind deeds, apologize, speak kindly to one another (one of our class rules) and teach by example (the BEST). I love the way you focus on not only their academics but developing great character (the behavior tags, these awesome note cards)--how fortunate your kiddos are! And now we get to share the love! <3

    1. OK, I couldn't stand it and had to go buy these right away!! Can't wait to use them. my TPT name is Raevers :) Thank you again for being amazing! :)

  20. You are full of soooo many great ideas! I love reading your blog! Thanks for sharing the notes of kindness....love it!

  21. I absolutely LOVE the bucket filling books! My mom bought them for my classroom and I just loved using them.

    The Sweetest Thing
    Follow me on Bloglovin'!

  22. Hi there,
    I found you at Sunday Smorgasbord. I love the notebooks and the cards. Children really value these affirmations. I am having a giveaway at my blog. If you have time. Please come and visit.
    I Dream of First Grade

  23. We use second step, "Blake bucks" (my classroom money system) and our PBIS "paws" I love the ideas of happy notes and can't wait to use it this year.


  24. I read the "Energy Bus for Kids", then my students filled out Tickets of Appreciation for each other [available on Jon Gordon's website]. On Friday, I would pull them out and read them out loud. The class would clap for them. It filled my heart with joy to see them being so kind to each other. They occasionally would fill a ticket out for me, too.

    I, also, had a poster from Values.com that listed 100 ways to be kind. I frequently would catch students reading it.


  25. I use The Hundred Dresses as a read aloud at beginning of the year.


  26. Love these ideas! I just pinned this for our kindness unit. Have you ever read Ordinary Mary? Another great book to add to your list!

  27. Wow!! Love the notepads idea...c.u.t.e. And just so easy!! Now I know what to do with those leftover pads of paper! Ha!

    1. Ooops - forgot to include teaching kindness!! We use the bucket filler books. I also use a lot of praise when I see others helping! Last year we had "warm fuzzies" for helping. This year I think I want to try the brag tags!! Love your blog! Heading over to purchase those and the happy notes!

  28. I have a bucket filling center during LA. Sometimes it's required and sometimes it's a choice. We read the book first. Miss Rumphius would be a good fit with the seeds. I'm heading over to TPT to get a set of your cards now. They will be a big improvement on my plain lined paper.

  29. My TPT name is debbiekrueger.

  30. So great! I model kindness and we do a lot of work with younger students so we stress being kind and role model behavior.

  31. I am moving to kindergarten this year from 5th grade. I plan on using the books you listed and LOVE the ideas os using the seeds of happiness and love notes.

  32. I'm on my way to Michael's right now to see if I can find a box for the Happy Notes. Love, love, love!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  33. Just love your new Happy Notes! We read many of these same books in the upper grades too. Last year we used bucket fillers, and the students wrote, staged, and filmed Public Service Announcements on kindness, tolerance, and inclusion. They loved it and we shared them with others at the school. I just purchased the Happy Notes - can't wait to put them into action. TPT - Heather White

  34. I used to work at a bucket filling school, so we did it as a whole school by recognizing students who were showing great character, and their names would go on our school bucket filling board. I also used Really Good Stuff's compliment box. I had the 'encourager' as a student job, and that student would write compliments to other students throughout the week. The encourager would read their compliment to the person and then stick it in their mailbox to take home. They took this job very seriously! This year I'm moving to a lower level, so I don't want them to have to write compliments out. I'm using Conscious Discipline's 'kindness recorder' job that I found on Heather's First Grade Heart blog. I have a big bucket with lots of funky, bendy flowers. The kindness recorder will put a flower in the bucket whenever they see another student being kind. They will tell that student how they noticed them being kind. The goal is to have all the flowers in the bucket by the end of the week. Sorry for the long comment, but I really like this topic!! I'm heading over to buy your happy notes now! My tpt username is rstockto. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this awesome prize!! :)

  35. I love your scrapbook notepads. What a great idea!
    La SeƱorita Creativa

  36. Thank you for being so AMAZING! I love your Happy Notes! In my classroom, I modeled how to write affirmations and my students wrote affirmations to each other. They were " delivered" on Friday afternoons and you could see faces light up when they were reading what others wrote.

  37. This is my first year in my own classroom, and I have been searching for things to implement in my room that would reflect my personality. This is so perfect! I am planning on decorating using motivational and inspirational posters, so this would certainly fit in with that. I absolutely love it! I

  38. I just purchased the Happy Notes. Yippee! Almost didn't make it due to Internet issues. My TPT name is mikesmom2000
    Thank you! I am so excited!

  39. I just purchased the FABULOUS "Happy Notes". I have used Smile Stones to encourage paying it forward in my classroom as well as with the Girls on The Run team I coach after school.

    My TpT username is KoalaKdgTeacher



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