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Meet Isla... she is obsessed with these behavior beads. I promise she will not take them off. Sleeps in them and tries to swim in them too. I need some suggestions for pre-k tags. I'm going to make some for her teacher. Would you like to help out? You can win a set for FREE by offering some tag suggestions! Keep reading for details.

If you have seen my Behavior Beads then you might also like the SPECIAL EDITION Rockin' Behavior Beads that I co-made with  Alison.

Here is the official list of Rockin' Behavior Beads:
~ Rockin' Behavior
~ Reading Star
~ Math Star
~ Studied like a Star
~ V.I.P. (Very Important Participant)
~ Drummin' up to Read!
~ Keyed up for Success
~ Boys Rock
~ Girls Rule
~ iRock
~My Teacher thinks I'm a Rockstar
~My Brain is Singin'
~Peace, Love, & Learnin'
~Rockin' with Responsibility
~I Made a DISCovery
~Rocked the Test

Ta Da! 
 Want to get your very own Rockin' Behavior Beads?  Go HERE.  

Click HERE for the original behavior beads.

I also made a programmable version so you can type your own text! If you don't have powerpoint then you could allow your kids to write their own name, etc.
I will giveaway 3 copies of the programmable version or a version of your choice.
See details below.
Intermediate Edition is **almost** finished.

To enter giveaway...
#1 Please leave a suggestion for more tags!
#2 Pin any of my behavior beads on Pinterest!
Don't forget to your email.

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  1. She is so adorable! I love that she won't take the tags off!

    I was shopping at a store today and they were selling knock off brag tags and I just have to say they were no where near as cute as yours! And your tags are such a steal! Theirs were 6 tags for 2/$3 or $1.69 each. I'm sending everyone your way!

    Pre-k tags are such a great idea! The pre-k kids I work with would go crazy over them! I was thinking maybe going with center themed brag tags like amazing artist, king of the block corner, music man, master puppeteer. Not good with the names but you get the idea!

    Here's my pin: http://pinterest.com/pin/422634746251683720/

    Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

    The Polished Teacher

  2. I just bought almost all of these on your sale this week so thank you for such a huge sale! I am so excited to be joining these with my Class DoJo!
    Here is my pin:

    And my suggestion for a brag tag would be something to go with personal accomplishments.. For instance for my 1st graders learning how to tie their shoes would be a GREAT one!


  3. I teach 5th and am trying to find some for an older crowd. Looking at some consideration ones. Not blocking a door when in line. Allowing a teacher by...a biggie for our lot is responding when an adult says good morning. I do it every morninv and on one or two will respond. This is a social element i work on alot with my low soci culture. Also critical thinker and pro problem solver (skills todays children are lacking.)

    1. Hi Jellybean,
      Miss Nelson and I just finished creating an Intermediate Edition of the Behavior Beads. Check them out here: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Behavior-Beads-Intermediate-Edition-790225

      You have some great ideas for the older kids! We are taking notes! ;)
      Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  4. For young kids-I can write my name, I know my colors, good friend, I share, Magic Manners, I didn't cry! (personal experience here with my little one), Prince (or Princess) Please and Thank you, etc. Just general ideas for you! I'm debating about the intermediate grades too. I teach 4th and wonder if they'd like them! I, myself, love the idea of them!

  5. These are so cute!
    What about like "Student of the week" or "Terrific Kid"?
    Love these!

  6. This is the link to my pin!


  7. For itty-bitty kids... Something about sharing, saying please/thank you, tying shoes, colors, numbers, being able to read letters or words, asking nicely, showing kindness, coloring in the lines, writing your full name or address or phone number, put away toys/supplies... I'm not clever with sayings, but maybe the ideas will inspire you.

    Mrs. Jones Teaches :o)

  8. Oh I love this post. My 4 year old has been getting ready for her 2nd year in our district employee Pre-K/Daycare and we've been working on good behavior. We have a reward at home for "Queen of Manners"
    I think the following would be great for Pre-K: "Queen/King of Manners" Super Listener, "Tender heart" for showing kindness, "Mr./Miss Letter Master" for learning letters. Sounds silly but even a restroom one, tying shoes, not crying (My 4 year old needs this right about now) :)

    Just some ideas. I'm not good at names, but hopefully they help.

    I can't wait to see what you come up with. :)

    Here's my pin: http://pinterest.com/pin/117797346476574643/


  9. Here's my pin!! http://pinterest.com/pin/35254809556050140/

    For munchkins, definitely: I can count/read/write my numbers to..., I can read/write/sing my alphabet, I know my colors, I can write my name, I can wait in line, I can take turns.


  10. Here's my pin http://pinterest.com/pin/121175046197156682/n:

    I would love to see "100 club" for those that can count to 100, Also I have a jungle theme room and would love "King & Queen of the Jungle", also "Top Banana", also "ABC Club", for knowing all letters & sounds. Just love your behavior beads I already have several sets. Thanks so much for sharing these.

    Laura luvarbon2@sbcglobal.net

  11. Adorable picture! For kindergarten, what about: I tied my shoe, I wrote my name, I zipped up my coat, I said 'Please', I said 'Thank you', I read my first word, I counted to 30...
    Grade 4 Buzz

  12. For kindergarten, you could have one called "Popcorn Words" (sight words) or how about "I'm Ready"
    I pinned one of your behavior beads but I'm new at this and don't know where others are getting the pin number. Ooo, wait, I figured it out http://pinterest.com/pin/466826317595497665/
    I have no idea about the singing group - Band?


  13. I teach third but I know when I taught prek I always used "criss cross applesauce hands in your lap". How about Criss Cross Queen/King!

  14. My daughter is in pre-K and attends one of the Early Childhood programs offered by the school district. To attend, you must be on an IEP, which means everything is goal driven. With this age group (3 and 4), it might be useful to have some tags that address some of the kinds of goals these programs address, like: I know all my colors/letters, I can count to ___, I can ask for help (many of them don't make their needs known), I am a P.E. Superstar (some kids in these types of programs are working on their gross motor skills), something to do with manners, or even, a generic one about meeting a special goal. I know that not all pre-K classes fall into the special ed category, but hopefully a few of these ideas were useful!

    Primarily Speaking

  15. I have pinned!!! I love these!!! I'm definitely using them in my class this year! I teach K an would love one for tying shoes, counting to 100, knows letters and sounds I also have a 4 year old so I think shoe tying would be great, count to 10 or 20, write name, button coat, use manners, skip, etc. Thanks for a chance to win!

    Sarah Shelton

  16. I love these and am definitely using next year! I have a 4 year old and think one for writing name, tying shoe, counting to 10 or 20, knows letters, using manners, buttoning coat, knows phone number, etc would be great. Thanks for a chance to win! Her teacher will love them!

    Sarah Shelton

  17. I'm a spec ed teacher and use the Wilson program to teach students with dyslexia or similar learning disabilities to read. Wilson is a 12 step program (not AA)and a bead for each step would be great! They would be so proud of their progress and others would be able to see at a glance how hard they have work to achieve their goals!

  18. Hello, I love love love these tags. I am sure my kindergarteners will love them! My suggestion for a Brag Tag would be one for monthly read aloud goals. My students read at home as part of their homework but I would love to have the person who reads the most books get a special tag. How about also a "Cafeteria King or Queen" for behaving at lunch. Maybe a Dismissal Duke or Diva, someone who always is ready and prepared to go home.




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