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Sunday Smorgasbord

I hope your Sunday is full of rest. I try to get my sleep on the weekends. I definitely just woke up. YIKES. I'm linking up with Fabulous in First to share a little bit of random. Who am I kidding... it's a lot of random.

Missing Fall. Can't wait to go to the Mountains during Fall Break.

We can't trick or treat or dress up at our school but the Pre-K can. What about you?

This is our sweet Maggie. She's 13 years old. She's really not loving Cooper. Cooper is pictured below. He just appeared in our yard one day.

Name Change. We had named him Brooks but my niece had a hard time saying Brooks so we changed it to Cooper. Well now she calls him Pooper. OH. WELL!
Cooper is destroying our house but we don't mind.

This is Alison. We spent hours at Panera working on our Monday Made It. We can't wait to show it off.

Love Mellow Mushroom.... Pizza is my second favorite... 
Mexican would be the first!

So excited to use this! This is our first dyson. Hope they are worth the money. Just opened up a Target Debit card so I could save 5 %.

Love this scent. I'm into candles but Mr. Nelson said they are full of chemicals. 
I still like them anyway!

I am participating in a Christmas in July sale with some of my favorite bloggers!
It's going to be big because I LIKE HUGE sales. Not just 20% off. I'm talking 50% or more!
I love sales so each day, I am going to offer you a deal from my TPT Store...anywhere from 50-75% off! Check back here each day July 19th-24 for the daily deal!
The deals are only one day long so hurry up to get the savings! 

Day 3 of Sales
Today and Today only I'm offering
regularly $5.75
Sale Price $2.50

Behavior Beads!!! So what is a behavior bead? Well, these are a MUST in the classroom!!! Students LOVE earning and collecting these colorful tags/beads. If you want to call attention to your students for a varieties of reasons such as good behavior, when it’s their birthday, or when they master their sight words then these are the perfect incentives. Well, if you want to call attention to your students for turning in homework then these are the perfect incentives. I’ve decided to make some simple “behavior beads” (badges, charms) for students to earn and collect. This is a set of “BADGES” to give to your kiddos for turning in homework. There are 18 designs. ALL DESIGNS ARE ON ONE PAGE.  You just print as many of students you have. This helps if you have a small or large class.If this is a HUGE problem then purchase a custom pack and you can pick which 3 designs you want on a sheet. :)

If you are interested in other tags please visit my store.
I have custom designs and many more.

I'm guessing you might already own this packet. It's my most viewed blog post but if not 
it is 50% off for today only. Thank you for all of the support.

Tons of options!

7 inches wide
This transportation display will serve as a quick reference for you, your students, or a sub. At the end of the school day, it can get pretty hectic if there are any changes in transportation. If you have a sub and forget to make an updated list it is sometimes really confusing. Using clothespins or magnets makes it super easy to update and document any last minute transportation changes. You may attach these signs to the wall or use ribbon. 
I sometime even put a sticky note right beside the new transportation of the day. The possibilities are endless.
You have lots of options(over 106 ) to print AND you can add your own handwriting below. I have provided lots of different icons to hopefully fit your needs.
Clip art choices
Bus, two different bike choices, walkers, multiple car choices, tutoring, apple, sun, ladybug, owl, bee, student on jungle gym,daycare,YMCA,after school, tutoring, blank circle
*******You will only need to print the ones you need. I tried to give a variety of options.********


  1. AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA...that picture of me is hilarious and really BIG! Mr. Nelson can bring that Dyson right on over to my house when he's finished with yours. Tell him I'll take the candle too.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

    1. Hahaha ... I love it. Your eyes are so blue. He said he's on his way.

  2. I have had a Dyson for about 9 years and absolutely LOVE it!!! I recently needed a new one and decided to save some money and bought a different brand that advertised it was just as good, if not better, than a Dyson. I hated it and ended up taking it back and bit the bullet and bought another Dyson. I used a 20% off coupon at Bed Bath and Beyond and saved $120!!!

    Can't wait to see your Monday Made It!

  3. I just added the incentive tags to my cart! Yay! love them! My students have brag tag necklaces but only for AR achievements and birthdays. They will be excited to earn these! As for the Halloween party, our entire school dresses up, including the teachers!I would be fine with just letting the littlest ones come in costume.

    Creative Lesson Cafe

  4. I really feel like we are the same person! Our love for Fall, candles and Mellow Mushroom! Cooper is so adorable! I am such a dog lover! We are moving into a new place in September (where I am sure that Dyson could be used) that offers a year membership for a dog park--I could only imagine Cooper's adorable floppy ears playing at! I look forward to reading your blog!

    Lil Bit Country in the Classroom

  5. Seeing those fall pictures almost makes me want fall to hurry up and be here!! I love mums!

  6. oh my gosh how cute is Maggie and that cooper pooper is a cutie too!!! candles are always burning in my house too and hubs isn't a fan...oh well he gets over it :)


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