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Monday Made It, Giveaway, SALE

 Tara over at 4th Grade Frolics is hosting her weekly Monday Made It and I usually stay up all night from excitement. I lucked out this week because she posted early. This week I have a couple of things to show you all and if you stick to the very end there's a $20 Amazon gift card giveaway. Who doesn't love giveaways?

Monday Made It #1 
I found these buckets last year at Target. I loved them but the ribbon came off and look what my little kids did to the buckets. YUCK.

I decided to soak them in clorox. I did just that and then applied some super fun labels and ribbon from Quite A Pear. You should check her out.

Monday Made It #2

Do you ever make wordles, tagxedos or taguls? Which is your favorite? I used the lyrics to the song unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield to create this beginning of the year photo prop. I have many others planned as well. I had a local print shop print on vinyl and then I backed it on foam board. I'm going to reuse year after year so I didn't mind spending the money. I think I'll try just enlarging the next wordle I make at Sam's or an Office store and modpodging onto a foam board. I'm not going to lie the vinyl was a bit expensive.


Final Monday Made It

If you have seen my Behavior Beads then you might also like the SPECIAL EDITION Rockin' Behavior Beads that I co-made with  Alison.

Are you scratchin' your head and askin'...what in the world is a Behavior Bead?  Yeah, I figured...

Behavior Beads are a MUST in the classroom!!! Students LOVE earnin' and collectin' these colorful tags/beads. If you want to call attention to your students for varieties of reasons such as rockin' behavior, celebratin' birthdays, masterin' sight words, makin' a discovery, rockin' with responsibility, or when their brain is singin', then these are the perfect incentives. I’ve decided to make some simple rockin' “behavior beads” (badges, tags, charms) for students to earn and collect. This set of “Behavior Beads” is to give to your kiddos for meetin' their math goals, the ROCK STAR. There are several ways to use them. You can print on cardstock and laminate them to attach to some kind of necklace or key chain for your little rock stars to wear all day. (Since this is a SPECIAL EDITION item, they come as is, without custom designin').

Here is the official list of Rockin' Behavior Beads:
~ Rockin' Behavior
~ Reading Star
~ Math Star
~ Studied like a Star
~ V.I.P. (Very Important Participant)
~ Drummin' up to Read!
~ Keyed up for Success
~ Boys Rock
~ Girls Rule
~ iRock
~My Teacher thinks I'm a Rockstar
~My Brain is Singin'
~Peace, Love, & Learnin'
~Rockin' with Responsibility
~I Made a DISCovery
~Rocked the Test

Ta Da! 

 Want to get your very own Rockin' Behavior Beads?  Go HERE.  
They are on sale today...for a short time!

Click HERE for the original behavior beads.

click on button to join the fun!

If you read to the bottom of this post, you are AWESOME because we MADE something else...a RAFFLECOPTER with a chance to win a $20 AMAZON GIFT CARD.  I know, I know...it's such excitin' stuff.  Hold it together enough to read what happens next.  This will end on Saturday. We will reveal the winner on the Saturday Snapshots link-up this comin' Saturday, July 27th.  Keep scrollin'...

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Regularly $5.75 Sale Price $2.50

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  1. I love your buckets! Those containers are really cool...I had to use shower caddies boo!

  2. Woohoo! It was so fun to team up with you this week! I appreciate all of your help, advice and patience with me...always. You truly are the best and I adore you, which you already know! I hope everyone enjoys the Rockin' Behavior Beads as much as we enjoyed makin' them! xo
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. Miss Nelson, Of course everything you do is top notch! I can never figure out how to make those toxedo things work. It never does what I want it to do. How big was the poster board? This is a brilliant idea! Come pop over and see my MMI

  4. I love this first day of school portrait idea! The pictures look gorgeous! Your new supply buckets look great. It's as if they were brand new :)

  5. I love Tagxedo! I think I am going to steal your idea. I love making a word cloud as a background prop for beginning of the year pictures! Thanks for sharing.

    Simply 2nd Resources

  6. The buckets cleaned up so nicely and I love the facelift you gave them. The word cloud is so fun!

    Primarily Speaking

  7. Those beads and buckets are super adorable! Allison is one lucky lady!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  8. I love your buckets! How do the labels stick on them?


  9. those buckets are sooo adorbs and thanks for directing me to a great place... quite a pear.... what cute stuff she has and makes... love it... I might be in trouble :) all of your MMI are super

  10. I love the photo boards that you created! Super cute idea.
    Creating Lifelong Learners
    Follow me on Bloglovin'

  11. Adorable stuff! I love the wordle cloud! Fav Band-Motley Crew

  12. So cute! Thanks for posting and sharing! I am so happy I found your blog via this fun linky!!
    Laura ~ First Grade Spies

    1. Thanks for stopping by ... off to follow you

  13. Love this idea! I think I'm jumping on the brag tag wagon!!! I think your first cd was AC/DC


  14. Great looking buckets! My guess for the CD is something Michael Jackson : )

  15. Those buckets are amazing! I have the colored plastic handled tubs, but these with your adorable labels are to die for! I love your foam board! How large did you blow up that vinyl at the printing place? Such a great idea for back to school! I agree, Sam's is so affordable for printing, but your backdrop looks really big! Thanks for sharing!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

    1. It was 3 x 5 ... really really huge. I'm definitely using Sam's the next time.

  16. The wordle sign is AMAZING!

    What a great idea!!

    A Rocky Top Teacher

  17. Lots of fun creations! Love your group buckets, and how you saved them!


    1. I love the new look... Thanks for stopping by

  18. I continue to swoon over your bee theme classroom!! Excellent "flip" of your buckets!

    ❤ -Stephanie
    Falling Into First

    1. Thanks Stephanie...I appreciate your kind words

  19. Oh my goodness, those buckets turned out awesome!

    Adventures in Room 204

  20. Wow...you have been rockin' and rollin'! Great work, as always! Because you are such a young 'un, I will go with New Kids on the Block for your first CD.

    tokyoshoes at hotmail dot com

  21. Those buckets. I love.

    I love the idea of making a word cloud for pictures! Definitely on my to do list now!

    First Grade Frenzy!

  22. Love the buckets...I think I am going to break down and buy them this year!

    Would it be Madonna or Michael Jackson? I just remember Like a Virgin and Thriller were big when cd's came out-I might be showing my age!


  23. Your children are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks ! They are actually my niece and nephew but I'll claim them any day.

  24. Thanks for the shout out!!!! I hope they last longer this year :) LOTS of MOD PODGE!!!!!

  25. I cannot TELL you how excited I am to start the school year this Tuesday. Thanks to you Miss Nelson!You are a genius! The behavior beads are brilliant and I am completely obsessed. I downloaded all the free ones you had (thank you for those) and bought a few more. I also decided to try my hand at making a few of my own that were personalized to my specific class/school. I'm excited at how they look in addition to your awesome creations!!! I just love the badge idea. People LOVE getting badges.My students are always playing games on the educational websites so they can earn 'badges', heck I play games on Pogo...always trying to get the next 'badge'. I am also a Girl Scout leader and so I know all about those badges too. People LOVE getting badges. My friends just went to Yellowstone with their kids, and they earned all kinds of badges from the rangers for completing tasks. Miss Nelson, once again I have to tell you how genius this is! My kids are going to be COMPETING with one another all year to see who gets the most badges. I'm giggling out loud just thinking about it. I'm going to start everyone off with a welcome back badge and a name badge. I'm can't wait to see how long it takes for the buzz to go around the school. You know this is going to drive the other classes crazy.. they are gonna want them too. Don't worry Miss Nelson, I am making sure everyone knows WHO I got this AMAZING idea from and will be directing them to TPT so they can get their own. I will keep you posted on how it's working out. I hope you don't feel I was taking away from your creation by making some of my own. I just couldn't resist, they are just too fun, and the options are limitless. Thank you,thank you,thank you. Finally a reward that isn't going to cost me a fortune or involve candy. Have a great start of the year.


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